New Zealand, New Hope

I have been in New Zealand for about a week, looking around diligently to pioneer a new hope for Brain Education in New Zealand, one of the last remaining areas of the planet known to humankind where the pristine beauty of the earth is uncorrupted. As I’ve met people and searched for properties on which to create a meditation and training center on this inspiring land, I have been having fun creating my hopes and dreams. My dream is a world where all people are healthy, happy, and peaceful, where they know they are precious souls and live with integrity while valuing all life. My dream gives my life meaning; I hope to be an example of someone who creates a meaningful existence.

Ilchi Lee in New Zealand

To my left is my trusted assistant, Kab Seong Lee, and to my right is Simon Kim.

Already, my time here has been productive. I met a man named Simon Kim who studied Dahnhak (known as Body & Brain Yoga in the United States) in Korea twenty years ago and was very active as a young member. He immigrated to New Zealand fifteen years ago, but he always kept the spirit of Dahnhak in his heart. So when I saw him in Auckland during my visit, he accepted my cause as his own and agreed to be the director of an Institute of Korean Cultural Studies in Auckland. (The original branch is in Mokcheon, South Korea.)

One potential property for the meditation center that we visited together has a large house that has a wide-open view, with trails and space for outdoor training. The rooms and living room are spacious, so as I walked around, imagining how it would be to use them as an office for spreading the study of traditional Korean culture (Kookhak), on which Brain Education is based, as well as Brain Education itself, and as an incubator for the future of humanity, I automatically felt excited with each step I took.

The next house we visited was designed by the owner himself. On the outside, it looked ordinary enough to be a school, but like its refreshingly down-to-earth owner, it was built to be comfortable and with wide-open spaces. It was imbued with the energy of a healthy family that worked hard to save money and build their house up, one section at a time.

As we also looked at other houses that had comfortable views and had been thoughtfully designed, I imagined there the countless insung youngjae, the heroes who would train together in this space to develop themselves and solve the problems of the planet.

Although my dream is an ambitious one, decisions must always be made carefully. Not only did I take into consideration the energy given by the land, but I inquired thoroughly about the cost of development, the distance from town, and even what insects or animals could come out of the woods.

I’ll continue to spend the next few days in New Zealand on this journey to find a space where we can build a better future for humanity. Taking care of this on top of keeping up with other work makes me busy, but it’s more fun and exciting than watching any spectacular show. That’s because it’s the process of picturing a dream coming true.

Just as Simon decided to work with us this time, I hope that there will be more and more people who join me in a life of dreaming and manifestion.

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  • I am so happy to read this , inspire me so much.
    Thank you SSN

  • Thank you Ilchi Lee for being a pioneer & showing us the way to lead a purposeful life.

  • i was in Auckland and the town of Russell in December 2013. The spirit of the land and the people are ready for spiritual training. I am so passionate and happy to hear this great news, and excited about the huge potential for growth in NZ!

  • Silvia Mocikova
    April 3, 2014 9:52 am

    Great news! I had tears in my eyes when I red the news! I can see clearly the jeourney of global Earth management unfolding in front of me all the time. It’s very hopeful, thank you!!!

    • Vivien Rossaak
      May 22, 2014 2:39 pm

      My husband and I are coming to live in Auckland this June. We are looking for a Dahn Hak Yoga teacher – please let us know if you can help us. We will be on the North Shore in Castor Bay.


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