Feel the Energy of Life Energy MeditationThe information you hold about yourself and your world
Is the footprint left by the life inside you.
To truly know that you are that life,
And not the information it reflects,
Feel the energy flowing in your body.

Try this exercise to help you feel it.
With both hands, clap loudly ten times.
Then rub them together until they are hot.
Raise both hands above your head
And swivel your wrists
As if you are unscrewing light bulbs.
You can feel a ball of energy in each hand.

Now bring your hands to chest level with your palms facing each other.
Hold them about four inches apart and feel your palms.
Feel warmth, tingling, squishiness, and tickling sensations, sensations of energy.
Pull your hands apart and push them closer together again.
Feel the push and pull of energy between your hands.

Continue while concentrating on the sensation,
And it will grow stronger.
Gradually, your thoughts will disappear and
Peace will flow in your heart.

Try this meditation for 5 minutes, three times a day,
And generate the confidence that you are more than your information.


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