Mastering the Tools of Information

Ilchi Lee Uses Samsung Galaxy S Smart PhoneI recently began using a Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone, which became instantly popular in South Korea. You know, this gadget is quite miraculous! New technology like this smart phone makes finding and transmitting a multitude of information easier and easier. Now I am using it instead of a computer to connect effortlessly on Twitter.

With information flowing so freely, one could easily get lost in it. Many people think information is truth and will set them free, as the old saying goes. But this is a misconception. We are in essence life, which is more than information. As life goes about its journey, it leaves a trail in its wake–a record of its movement. This record is information. It is merely a shadow of life. If you don’t see your reality for what it is, if you don’t recognize that you are really life itself, then you tend to live under the delusion that you are really information. You only see the shadow and not the light that creates it. In this way information can become a prison that confines and controls life.

Ilchi Lee's English Twitter pageUltimately, information is important, but what’s more important is the awareness behind the information. Therefore, I have a recommendation for people using these amazing information tools:  let us imbue the information we create with our highest awareness. Let’s make it reflect our desire for a healthy and harmonious world. Instead of words that harm mind and spirit–instead of violence, anger, judgment, or hate–we can send messages of peace, love, and healing out into the ocean of information. If we do that, we can build better human relationships.

With our choice of the information we throw out there, we can either turn cyberspace into an information dump or build it into a haven for the best of the human spirit. Won’t you join me as I transmit positive and empowering information down the information superhighway?
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