Vibrate Yourself to Life

Vibrate for happinessLife begins with vibration. All of the tiny elementary particles that form life are always vibrating at different frequencies. Vibration creates temperature or heat. In a way, the force of life is temperature; it sustains life. Each life form can only exist within a particular temperature range.

That’s why we need to understand vibration; it is light, sound, and action. Vibration allows LifeParticles to move, transfer, and respond, which allows your great and wonderful soul to express itself in the material world. To express your soul, you have to move your body, make vibration, and take action.

You cannot understand vibration simply by reading about it. You have to experience it. To make your body vibrate, you can simply move, or you can receive LifeParticles from the LifeParticle Card, or another person, that make your body vibrate automatically. Or just shake. How do you shake? Don’t think about it. You have to just shake your body. The important thing is just to do it. If you start thinking about how you are going to do it, then you won’t be able to shake. So you have to shut off your thoughts. People tend to think about things too much. But when you’re thinking, you can’t meditate, and then you cannot connect to your inner rhythm and your soul. You have to just do it. Sometimes when you want to just do it, you may feel a little awkward. Why? Because you need some rhythm. So you can play some nice music. Then it’s much easier.

What happens when you shake? Your stress and tension will fall away. Eventually, you’ll find your inner rhythm. You may start to feel warm, which is a sign of healing. Although your movements may start out as large and/or forceful, they may become subtler the longer you vibrate. The vibration will become not so much body movement, but a tingling or a feeling of current inside. If you really let yourself go, your conscious mind can relinquish control of your body to your unconscious, which causes your autonomic nervous system to produce “happy hormones” that give you a sense of gratitude, ecstasy, and bliss.

You may even experience energy phenomena such as visions or messages from your soul or from an illness you may have that tells the story behind it. That’s because LifeParticles are a form of information. Vibration releases negative information that can create disease while you are receiving pure, healing LifeParticles from the LifeParticle Sun, as you would from the LifeParticle Card or another person sending them to you. When energy moves, it brings thoughts and emotions to your awareness that are associated with it, making you conscious of them. But they are not something you need to give a lot of attention to or hold onto. Just let go of your thoughts and keep moving.

As your vibration takes you deeper into your unconscious mind, you access the information that is stored there. And then you go beyond messages and inspired thoughts to complete oneness. Ultimately, you can see yourself and your environment as LifeParticles. The lines between one object and the next blur together. That’s enlightenment. This level of vibration may be difficult to achieve, however, without preparation of your body, mind, and energy.

While all of these experiences are wonderful, they are meaningless unless they affect and inform your everyday life. They allow you to experience your true nature, or your soul, and the nature of the universe. Once you experience it, it’s easier to apply it to every aspect of life. Without this experience, you cannot know spiritual principles, or you will only know them at the level of abstract thought.

How are you living now? For what reason do you act? Do you know the dream of your soul? Do you treat others with compassion and consideration? You can find and express the dream of your soul with vibration.

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  • Th))))))))))))))))))))))))))))ank)))))))))))))))))))))))))))You)))))))))))))))for this enlightening Po)))))))))))))))))))))))sting! I will enjoy vibration! I just heard a new CD called ‘Healing Rhythms’ which is great for feeling natural rhythm. I think it was made by some great Vibrationist. I hope everyone can feel it!

  • Thank you. You make a great difference in my life. I have made this practice part of my everyday life and it’s benefits are priceless.
    Through vibration exercises and LifeParticle connection/awarenesss, I can watch myself and keep moving forward, release and purify old energies and focus on my goals and vision.

  • Jean Santoro
    May 31, 2014 5:18 am

    Again, such a simple message about movement, vibration. Just stay with it, keep going, keep sharing the message. I will share these with my senior chair yoga group. Thank you, Seuseung nim.

  • send me the happy vibration


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