Living with LifeParticles

Happy LifeParticle FamilyA life with LifeParticles and a life without LifeParticles look very different. No matter how hard you work, or how hard you try, you could never have the success and ease you could have if you lived by consciously using LifeParticles.

What are LifeParticles? They are the elementary energy particles that make up everything and therefore contain infinite possibility. They represent the oneness of all substance and spirit that many people sense when they meditate or become inspired by natural settings such as a star-filled sky. In my own meditations, I’ve sensed that LifeParticles come from a particular source—a creative force many have perceived before. I’ve called that source of life the LifeParticle Sun. Directly from their source, LifeParticles are infused with the essence of divinity; their vibration is that of the ultimate, unconditional love.

However, LifeParticles and the LifeParticle Sun are not objects of worship. Through meditation, I’ve experienced, and some quantum physicists argue, that you can move LifeParticles with your mind. Unconfined to the limitations of time and space, your mind has the innate ability to use these basic building blocks to manifest your dreams. In fact, the mind is always sending out LifeParticles, which contain information in the form of energy. When your mind is clear and focused and your body aligned, you can send LifeParticles with strong and deliberate intent. That’s how you live with LifeParticles.

Using LifeParticles, and living with LifeParticles, is not something you need to learn. It’s a natural unconscious ability of which you need to be aware and which you need to trust. It’s as if a LifeParticle “sensor” and “transmitter” have been built into your mind. With your trust and certainty, you turn them on.

Remembering that LifeParticles are always available, because everything is LifeParticles, can help you build your trust. When you breathe, you are breathing LifeParticles. Even your soul is made of LifeParticles. Therefore, you always have access to limitless creation.

Everything is always available to you. You don’t need to worry about missing something or not having enough. And you don’t need to worry about owning anything. Everything is yours and yet nothing is yours. It is only there for you to use as much as you need it. There is nothing that is too difficult for you to overcome with LifeParticles.

Living with LifeParticles also means sharing LifeParticles with others. If you send unconditional love from the source of life to another person, you can generate great change in both of your lives. There is no greater love than that. The greatest and fastest change comes when both you and the other person or other people are certain that the LifeParticles will form what you intend.

Actually, actively using LifeParticles to live your life is simple. Just straighten your spine and focus on what you want to create. And most importantly, have fun. A life of LifeParticles is a life of joy and peace.

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  • Thank you for this very helpful posting. I will continue to explore and experience living life thru Life Particles. I feel very lucky that I have the opportunity to do so, thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing this is so true LOVE IT !!!!!


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