LifeParticles and the MindScreen

The following text is used in the LifeParticles Energy Meditation and Self-Healing Kit, which will be available soon, to explain LifeParticles and the MindScreen.

All mental activity takes place in an infinite internal space within the self. Creative potential is absolutely unrestricted by time and space, existing in a field of the mind where the seeds of dreams are sown. I call this the MindScreen, the illuminated, wide-open plane of awakened consciousness. This is the primary space in which we become the drivers of our destinies.

Within every living being, kernels of ki (life energy) vibrate at infinitely varied frequencies and form the universe as we know it. I call these LifeParticles, the smallest unit of life. LifeParticles move through space and time to transmit consciousness and energy which give rise to the diverse phenomena of life.

Using our MindScreens, we can move LifeParticles wherever we want them to go, manifesting our intentions in the physical world and realizing our complete human potential to become the authors of our lives.

Through the MindScreen and LifeParticles, we can change ourselves and the world, and we can create a culture that is in harmony with the Earth. Working together to create this is potentially the greatest and most important miracle of all.

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  • Thank you for delivering a life particles to us.
    I will make a great miracle through life particle.
    thank you so much!!

  • Thank you! !

  • Ileana Gabriela
    April 6, 2011 6:26 pm

    Through the MindScreen and LifeParticles, we can change ourselves and the world, and we can create a culture that is in harmony with the Earth. Working together to create this is potentially the greatest and most important miracle of all.
    – this is so true. JoHwa (Harmony) needs to be accomplished to achieve Pyung Hwa (Peace). This is a collective task indeed.Thank you!

  • Thank you Seuseungnim for sharing the Life Particle and Mindscreen. I will utilize these for creating the harmonious World!

  • I have been suffering asthma that tacles me to breathe and it becomes hard night time. Since SSN shared the training, I have practiced the training almost everyday specifically for the illness. Last night I had hard time to breathe as usual and I started to imagine huge beam of beautiful sparkles of vital energy penetrate to my lungs for healing. At that moment, I felt heavy pressure on my chest and my chest started to twist due to the force. It had been continued few min. and suddenly stoped and I noticed my breath became compleltly lighter and chest pain went away! I had perfect sleep last night.
    Thanks SSN~

  • Thank you, Seuseung Nim, for teaching Life Particle healing! I appreicate the benefits as I learn to use this for myself and others. Chun Hwa!

  • Dear Seuseungnim
    The life particles have helped healed me, my family and others in many miraculous ways. I have no allergies this season. I have learned many things through Dahn Yoga and tapping the benefits of life particles is one of them. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  • Thank you. It seems as if the Mind Screen is the canvas and Ki is the paint. With the correct training, habits and tools we make a masterpiece of our lives.

  • Dear Seuseungnim,
    Thank you for delivering the Prinicples of Mind Screen and Life Particles..With continual practice I know that many miracles will be created. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you..

  • Thank you Seusungnim! This training has been really helpful and such a powerful way to manifest and make reality what I once thought were only dreams.

  • Dear Dr Lee,
    Thanks for explaining life and energy in such an easy to understand way. It is so practical that helps me to change my attitude to daily life right away!

  • Your words touch my heart. I believe. I love you.

  • Yay for Life Particles and the Mind Screen! I hope your posts inspire many people to tap into this natural creative force for healing and harmonizing society. I really like this perspective: using manifesting power to benefit all life on Earth.
    Let’s get started!

  • Kamsahamnida (thank you) Seusungnim. I am so grateful for you…for this.

  • I really want to utilize MindScreen and LifeParticles in every moment of my daily life to give healing energy of gratitude and compassion towards the Earth and all the beings in it.

  • Dear Seuseungnim, thank you for Life Particles and the Mind Screen. Simple and yet so profound. I find this a truly effective way to connect to Ki energy and to help communicate with members. Connecting vision with purpose and the relating it to the impermanence of our physical being is brilliant.

  • Alyse Gutter (Chun Ae)
    August 7, 2011 1:02 pm

    Dear Ilchi Seuseungnim,
    thank you for the hope of the power of the mind screen and life particles.
    Chun Ae


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