Feel the Earth’s Heart

The disastrous earthquake and tsunami in Japan are not merely a matter of a foreign country, but a matter of the earth and of human beings that affects us all. We are all interconnected, whether we recognize it or not. If we would just feel each other’s hearts, it would make a world of difference.

The Earth’s Heart

Do you feel the earth’s heart? The earth suffers as it is being destroyed and becoming sick. Can you feel the soul of the earth? The earth isn’t merely our natural environment. It’s the foundation of all value, it’s our home and provides all of our sustenance, and it’s our very life itself.

In order to heal both the earth and humans, first we as humans need to have heart-to-heart interaction with the earth. We need to treat the earth as a living being and know how to feel the energy and soul present in that life. When you feel the heart of the earth, you realize the oneness of all life forms that come from the earth and live on it. The fastest way to achieve peace on Earth is to increase the number of people who act upon that enlightenment.

With anguish and concern for humanity and the earth, from before we were born, and without ever going to sleep, Mother Earth has never left us. We can feel her deep, deep love for us. When we can feel that same anguish and love, and act upon it, the human spirit will evolve to a higher dimension. The heart of Mother Earth is the very heart of Hongik.

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