Your Body Is a Brush

Whenever you feel like you’ve had enough of negative emotions or you just want to quiet your mind, it’s a good idea to shift your focus to your breath and your energy. Start with Jigam, a meditation for feeling energy between your hands; then, as your concentration deepens, follow the energy flow with your body and dance with the energy. It will circulate and start to build inside your body until your movements grow with a steady power. This is kigong. Through kigong, immerse yourself in the energy of the universe, what I call “Chunjikiun,” and you will find infinite peace and freedom within.

Body Meets Empty Space

As you practice kigong, imagine that you are drawing in empty space with your body. Move each part of your body as though it were a brush you are using to paint three-dimensional brush strokes across the infinite canvas of empty space. As you do so, your body will generate power and you will feel the strength of a dragon surging from within.

If you practice kigong, moving smoothly as you feel energy, your brain and body will be connected as one, and you will draw lines through space that follow various paths. In this way, tune your senses to each movement of your body, and as your body and mind are united, you will come to experience muah—selflessness.

As you focus and move your body with kigong, your brain chatter will naturally subside, and without the obstruction of energy caused by thoughts, your body will be able to communicate effortlessly with your brain. This is what we refer to as “finding the body.”

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  • Yesterday, as I was walking and sorting out thoughts and emotions, at some point I wanted to start moving in a certain way, simply moving my hands up and down the out and in- Ki gradually flowed and immersed my body and there less thinking- more knowing 🙂


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