Ignite Your Passion with Your First Chakra

Ilchi Lee - First ChakraDo you find yourself unmotivated? Are you uncertain of what you want to do and/or lack the will and energy to do it? No, you’re not lazy or worthless. It’s not your fixed character or disposition. It just means you don’t have enough energy in your chakras.

Energy forms and animates our bodies. Focused points of energy in the body are called chakras. Located roughly along the spine, chakras are like batteries that need to be full of electricity. The electricity of our bodies is LifeParticles. The more energy we have in our chakras, the healthier our bodies become. We also become overflowing with passion, motivation, love, and gratitude.

But if there is no energy in our batteries, we end up with imbalances in our body and mind. Without sufficient energy, the body cannot act as a solid anchor for consciousness, resulting in the lack of a sense of reality. Energy deficiency may also manifest in the appearance of illness and/or oversensitivity to external circumstances.

The first chakra is especially important for maintaining your will, vigor, confidence, and passion. Located at the perineum, where the legs meet the trunk of the body, the first chakra is the gate of our physical birth and is connected to the kidneys and genital area. It is the source of all creation and growth, and must be fully functional in order to activate the other seven chakras. It’s the basement of the chakras and a point of energy exit and entry. From the first chakra, a spring of energy is pumped up along the spine.

Chronic stress drains the chakras of energy and disrupts their balance, especially the first chakra. When people get really stressed, the liver is also stressed and hot fire energy accumulates there. Very sensitive people have too much heat or toxins in the liver. When your liver receives heat, energy flow becomes sluggish and you lose your motivation and drive. With an unhealthy liver that has heat and stress, even a little provocation makes you angry and emotional.

The liver does not like fire energy; it likes water energy. When your liver is happy, you are happy. You can’t make your liver happy just by resting or eating, however. You need to make your liver happy by stimulating the flow of water energy in your body by adding LifeParticles to your first chakra and its related organs. When your kidneys are happier, your liver is happier.

Ilch Lee - blue waterfallIf you add LifeParticles to your kidneys, the energy will spread to your chest and stomach, and your appetite will be better. Then they will travel to your lungs and then the large intestine, which will make you more driven, motivated, and positive. Metal energy will be produced in your body, which will then create water energy.

Chronic stress also makes your sixth chakra unable to function properly. And when that happens, it also aversely affects the function of your first chakra.

When you give your chakras and organs LifeParticles, you may first experience vibration, then heat, and then electric sensations as the LifeParticles travel throughout the body and heal it. However, if your chakras and your body are too low in energy, you may not feel vibration, so you should move to produce vibration yourself to activate your energy. It’s like producing electricity by running a generator. If you make yourself vibrate on purpose, the vibration will continue to grow bigger and stronger and fill all of your chakras.

Keeping your chakras healthy by visualizing LifeParticles filling them and the rest of your body is a simple way to maintain a life full of vitality and success.

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