How to Heal

Ilchi-Lee_heal-yourself_20140520Feel your body from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes. Right now, you are feeling the physical condition of your body. As you relax your neck and shoulders, move your body with a peaceful mind, entrust it to the energy, letting the energy move your body.

Put yourself in a very peaceful state. Being peaceful means being free. Compassion develops within this peace. Love wells up from within. While you’re at peace and feel love within, you are ready to give energy.

Now slowly raise your hands. Before you is the one you are to heal. It is someone you love, and someone you want to give love to. And there is someone who wants to get love from you. Look at that person. Peace and love fill you.

Now express that love. In the instant you make up your mind to do that, your hands move, your facial expression changes, and, as the look on your face changes, a loving, peaceful energy comes out of you.

Then share your love, your peace, through energy. The energy of healing. When you do, the message of healing comes out of your mouth. Try imagining that the feeling you are getting right now is coming from the other person. The person before you wants to receive love from you.

As you heal that person, you, too, are healed. True healing is received as it is given.

Healing is being healed.

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