You Are the SUN

true self sunWhen your emotions disappear, you become Nothingness. But that Nothingness is not empty. In that Nothingness, you can feel your value and meet with your true self—a brilliantly shining sun within the darkness.

You are an eternal sun. That’s your true essence.
Are you not beautiful?
That brilliant sun gives warmth and light to the world.

Are you not truly valuable and precious?
Open your eyes to yourself.
Discover yourself,
and cultivate your value.

Endlessly illuminate your value by clearing away the clouds in your body and mind that cover your light. Just as the sun shines upon the world, make your value known to the world.

Take ownership of a bright world, the world of the sun. By making your value known, by letting your true self be seen, by helping others see themselves, you are creating a bright world.

That’s the purpose for which you came to the earth.


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