Master Your Body to Master Your Brain

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Mastering your body means being able to use your body as you want. Do you have many things you want to do, but regret not getting enough of them done because of lethargy or feeling unwell? Many of us have become slaves of our body without realizing it. You know this has happened to you when you hear yourself thinking, “My body doesn’t like this. It’s hard,” and then avoid that situation. Or you find yourself caught in negative emotions, unable to get away from them. In these situations, we are giving into our bodies whims, whether they fit what we want or not.

Unfortunately, the more we listen to our stiffness, pain, fear, or frustration, the less likely we are to use our energy. Instead of moving when we’re tired and don’t have enough energy, we go into energy-saving mode and try to avoid using energy unless it is absolutely necessary. But when we do this, the life energy that circulates in our body pools and stagnates, and the energy points on our body close. If this becomes a habit, we simply become lazy and full of inertia.

What can we achieve or how can we respond to change if we have this much inertia? If the energy in our body doesn’t circulate, our health declines, our minds become dull, and we escape into ourselves to avoid conflict or hardship. Breaking out of this rut requires changing the lazy mode of our brains. We have to switch our brains into a mode in which the more energy we use, the better we feel. If we are to do that, our brains must often experience states in which the body is full of energy. We can train our bodies with mind-body exercises that energize them.

Train Your Body

The Belly Button Healing, Longevity Walking, Brain Wave Vibration, and Abdominal Breathing methods that I teach are examples of ways for changing our brains by moving our bodies. They are mindful, rhythmic exercises involving awareness and breathing that ultimately open a path for our consciousness to move from the neocortex, (our thinking brain) to the brain stem (our subconscious mind). They purify the stagnant energy in the body, facilitate blood flow, and enable energy to flow well throughout the body.

When we use up our stagnant energy with exercises such as these, then the vital energy that exists in the brain stem is able to fill the whole body. Our bodies feel lighter and more energetic while our lower abdomens, our bodies’ core, feel stronger. Our minds also feel clearer and more open because we have less thoughts whirling around in them.

Uncontrolled thinking, getting lost in memories, or worrying about the future override the part of our brain, our brain stem, that enables us to make spiritual choices. In this situation, our consciousness is trapped by our ego, and we do not make pure choices. So these mind-body exercises are also important for making pure, spiritual choices rather than choices rooted in the desires and limitations of the body.

Move with Purpose

Those who are truly masters of their bodies, when they decide to do something, their body moves. They don’t move their bodies with their thoughts; their minds move their energy, which moves their bodies. This is a state in which mind, energy, and body are one. It is a state in which the spiritual body, the mind, has become the master of the physical body. Once you achieve that state, then, no matter what action you take, your body will be filled with energy, and that energy will flow ceaselessly. Your brain stem is activated, and the different parts of your brain work together through that energy. Then, you come to realize your life purpose and act with passion to fulfill that purpose.

In fact, if you keep your purpose in mind as you do exercises to move your body and energy, even basic ones such as push-ups, sit-ups, or walking, not only will you be more motivated to exercise, but more of the vital energy in your brain stem will be activated. That means that more of your subconscious mind and more of your body’s automatic processes will align with your purpose. In this way, you are not only mastering your body, but you are using your body to master your brain.

When you become used to burning up all your energy as you focus on an important goal, you may automatically feel joy. This is the joy of breaking the resistance of your inertia and emotions and of your consciousness moving beyond your ordinary thoughts and emotions to your insight and intuition. Then you can use your inner wisdom to live a fulfilling life of purpose and passion. And you’ll be able to experience having a vigorous body through the physical practice of establishing a goal and using up your energy for that goal.


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