[Video] Everything I’ve Wanted to Say About the Brain

I’ve given many talks over the last 40 years of my career, but when I recently reviewed this one, it dawned on me: it sums up everything I’ve wanted to say.

So I’d like to share the video of this talk with you, hoping you’ll indulge me and watch it. It’s in Korean, but you can turn on subtitles by clicking on the gear symbol, then clicking on “Subtitles/CC,” and choosing a language.

Why do I think this talk is important? I go into detail in the video, but I’d like to give you some insight into our relationship to information. if you look back over history, you can see that the more we discover about something unknown, the more it goes from mystical to common sense. Studying a natural phenomenon lets us be able to use it. For example, electricity went from being a lightning god in the sky to be feared to a power even children use every day without thinking about it. Once harnessed, electricity transformed modern civilization.

The last great mystery for humankind to uncover is the brain. There’s much left to learn about it, but in the process of studying it, we develop ways of utilizing it. Scientists aren’t the only ones able to study the brain, however. Each of us can examine the workings of our brain in our own lives and adjust our behavior to help it operate better. Then we can better manage our health, our relationships, and our work. I devised Brain Education as a tool to help us do that.

Just as electricity made today’s material marvels possible, studying the brain can bring about a new transformation of civilization. One aspect of the brain is its ability to connect with the divine; it has a natural capacity for spirituality. That capacity lets us connect with all life, access wisdom beyond our years, and create more than we thought possible. Like our brain’s other faculties, its spiritual nature can be used. Once we are able to access it more fully and apply it in our daily lives, I believe we can usher in a new spiritual civilization.

I invite everyone to explore their brain and bring out its latent potential so we can create a healthy, happy, and peaceful world together.

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  • Anamaria Cojocaru Marcie
    April 19, 2020 8:21 pm

    So happy I found about Ilchi Lee’s program from my Korean next door neighbour who looked so peaceful and always happy, I asked her what was her secret, she introduced me to Dahn Yoga almost 20 years ago, I became a gold member back then and I love this wholistic program , it helped me maintain my mind and body healthy while going through life’s ups and downs , I will continue as long as I live,


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