Don’t Underestimate Your Brain

Ilchi Lee four elements

Don’t underestimate your brain,
for it can draw on enormous power.
And your brain is already equipped with everything it needs.
It is ready to experience the full spectrum of consciousness,
from shame and guilt to the heights of enlightenment.

The human brain is capable of experiencing
a fall into the hell of victim consciousness in one moment,
feeling the hatred of everyone in the world,
only to rise in another moment
and experience lofty, pure love for all life.

Our consciousness is like a light shining moment by moment.
What mode of consciousness you choose and activate
is up to you as the master of your own brain.

Of course, if you’re just letting your brain be,
having given up on becoming its master,
it will not be able to operate at this level.

Just as you use and manage your smartphone every day,
shouldn’t you be able to use and handle your brain properly
if you are its master?

You likely take great care of your smartphone.
If you aren’t just as interested in the condition of your own brain,
it will be hard for you to manifest
its infinite power, potential, and creativity.

Taken from my recent book, Connect: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation


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