A Meeting of Brain Stems in New Zealand

Last Sunday, I gave my first public workshop in New Zealand. I was a little worried about how many people would show up that day. The small town of Kerikeri on the North Island of New Zealand was experiencing the worst weather it had in seventeen years, with continuous rain and strong gales of wind. The wetness and humidity of the winter had made the area even quieter than usual.

On top of that, I was charging NZ$20 for the hour-and-a-half-long workshop. That would not be much in most places, but in Kerikeri, lectures by famous speakers are typically free or by voluntary donation or only charge one or two dollars. I broke this custom because it was my way of inviting the people who really wanted to know and understand their chakras and Brain Education.

Twenty people overcame these hurdles and attended the lecture. Because of their determination, standing in front of those twenty people felt like I was speaking to 200 or 300 people. These were people who wanted to develop themselves and discover their value. I felt strongly connected to and grateful to them.

Ilchi Lee Chakra Healing Workshop

For those twenty people, I poured my sincere devotion into the preparations. I not only spoke with them and led them in Brain Education training, I gave each of them personal aura readings with a consultation on how to improve the condition of their body’s energy system. I even gave them tea made from the native kawakawa plant, which is used in traditional Mauri medicine.

I told them the story of my life and how it changed when I discovered the power of my brain stem—the location of the sixth chakra. The brain stem is the lower part of the brain above the spinal cord that handles a lot of the body’s involuntary processes. I associate it with our unconscious mind as well as our divine mind. When you become aware of this part of your mind through meditation, the energy there purifies and become brighter and the energy of your entire body changes for the better. As a result, how you think, how you feel, and how you live changes for the better as well.

By making the unconscious conscious in this way, you take charge of your brain and your life. The power of the brain stem is the power of divinity and the power of your soul. It is true creativity. You are connected to everything through your brain stem.

To reach this power, shake away your thoughts and worries and sink deep into your mind by practicing Brain Wave Vibration. The rhythmic waves produced by this moving meditation can help you relax and go beyond your thinking mind to take on a centered and clear perspective from which you can access what your soul really wants and how to achieve it.

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