A Method for Making the Best Use of Your Brain

When it comes to imagination, there are good imaginings and bad, but there is no good or bad meditation. “I’m meditating to steal from people.” No one meditates with such thoughts in mind. True meditation can be done when it’s based on a good heart.

A meditative state is a level from which it is possible to observe the true nature of your life just as it is, to feel your soul and spirit and the souls and spirits of others, and to feel the lives of many people.

The way to avoid risky situations in every day life is doing many good deeds and thinking many good thoughts. The way to eliminate things like victim consciousness, selfishness, and bad habits is working to help others with their own, doing many good deeds, and letting go of attachments.

By doing that, you repeatedly let go of old baggage and create positive energy and a hopeful mind. This makes your brain more refreshed and versatile. You can enter a true meditative state only if you are not clouding your brain with past deeds and old information, but instead are holding good intentions.

Meditation is a method for using your brain in the freest, most positive way. Nothing is as good as meditation for making good use of your brain.

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