Sound Meditations for Restoring Your Inner Balance

Ilchi Lee playing flute in Sedona, Arizona

As we live our daily lives, sometimes we feel like we are on track and sometimes we feel like we are lost. It’s okay to be off track; it simply means we’re out of balance. If we rebalance ourselves, we’ll get back on track. But to be balanced, we need to know the feeling of it.

When we learn to ride a bicycle, we develop the sense of balancing the bike in order to keep it upright. When we learn how to float in water, we develop the sense of balancing on the water in order not to sink. With that sense, we can ride the waves or ride over bumps in the road without losing our equilibrium.

In our lives, having a sense of balance means having a sense of our center, or what is also called the zero point. This point is the pure energy of our soul and divinity and the brightness of our original, divine consciousness. Many of us were never taught how to be aware of our energy or consciousness. On top of that, most of us spend our lives piling thoughts and emotions onto our awareness and energy as we focus on what is happening outside of ourselves. Our brightness is buried under this clutter and we lose our sense of our center.

That sense comes from our brain, the location of our consciousness and divinity, and its connection to our body. Although our brain has this ability, we still need to develop it through practice. No matter how much we know about bicycles or swimming techniques, we can’t actually use that knowledge without practice. So to stay on track, we need a daily practice of clearing the clutter and refocusing on our center with meditation.

There are many forms of meditation. In this blog post, I’d like to play instruments for you. The vibrations of sound can quiet your thoughts and clear your energy. Listen to the sounds as you gradually let your body and breath relax. In a state of stillness and relaxation, bring your awareness inside yourself. Let it rest deeper and deeper inside until you gain a sense of your own brightness, joy, and peace.

Do you feel more balanced now? When you have balance, you can know that you are not alone, but exist together as part of heaven, earth, and all of nature. You become free and can live a creative life and one that benefits many. You can also accurately see yourself and reality so you can get yourself back on track.

If you would like to listen to more healing sounds and other meditations, you can go to the Guided Meditations playlist on my YouTube Channel. The channel is updated weekly, so you can Subscribe and click on the notifications bell to hear about all the new videos.

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  • Thank you for this lovely melody. I’m reminded of a day a few years ago when my husband and I were hiking in Sedona and as we approached one of the red rocks we heard a flute flowing with the breeze. I wondered if it was Ilchi Lee. As we headed up a path the music stopped and a short time later a man looking like Ilchi approached from higher up the path, wearing a baseball type hat. I almost greeted him but became hesitant and we just smiled at each other as we passed. I now realize it was you that day and it is a wonderful memory for me.

  • Beautiful, music is the lenguaje of the soul, it resonated thoroughly from my brain to my body. Thank you! Thank you 🙏🏼 !


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