Meet Your Soul in Your Voice

Ilchi-Lee_meet-your-soul-in-your-voice_20140611_newsletterYou have a great variety of sounds in your voice. You may have a very beautiful voice, and you may have a fierce voice like that of a tiger.

Your voice is a kind of energy in your body, and it is your mind. That’s why, when you hear your voice, your emotions are expressed and you can feel them.

You can also feel health, great beauty, and great evil because the voice is life. That’s why you can also feel the soul within your voice.

Call out your name with the voice of your soul—the bird of your soul singing inside you. Listening to your voice, meet your soul in your voice.

At first the voice that comes out may not be your soul but your emotions. Keep calling your name, even screaming it out loud, until you feel your heart open wide. Then speak from your heart and rejoice in the voice of your soul.

When you become awakened to your soul, you can also see your divine nature.

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