Relieve Stress with Sound

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One of the best ways to relieve stress and worry is through sound and voice energy meditation. The vibrations in your throat, especially if you focus on them, release energy that is stuck in your body, especially in the energy channel that runs down the center of the front of your body.

How to Do Sound and Voice Energy Meditation

  1. When doing sound and voice energy meditation, don’t worry about how you sound. Just vocalize freely. It’s important to enjoy it!
  2. Start with making an “Oh” sound. Feel a sense of “opening” from your throat down the front of your body.
  3. Then continue with “Ah.” You can add the sound, “Ree,” and then “Rang.” Make these sounds freely. You can change the tone, volume, and speed of your voice. Sing freely without being controlled by melody or rhythm. This is the key point.
  4. Let your singing morph into making your own sounds. Let any sound come out of your mouth without inhibition or judgment. If you free yourself, your chakras will also open, especially your third (solar plexus), fourth (chest/heart), fifth (throat), and sixth (third eye) chakras.
  5. As your voice becomes more and more free, you can move your body freely with your voice as well. Your body may feel lighter and your thoughts may become more positive.
  6. Finish with being still and breathing naturally.

How does making these sounds feel? What changes do you notice? I hope this meditation can free you from some of the stress in your day.

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