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We can’t touch each other right now, many of us are isolated at home, and we need to stand six feet apart, but that doesn’t mean we can’t affect one another. As one journalist said, “I’m hugging you with my heart.”

Those who know energy, who can feel the invisible essence that animates all life, have been doing this for a while. They know that we are all sensitive to and respond to energy, even if we’re not aware of it. And they know that energy influences both our bodies and our minds. They use energy to create their lives.

I invite you to become aware of energy, and even more, to become a master of energy, so you can help other people from afar.

In order to do that, it’s helpful to actually feel energy. Try this exercise for feeling energy that I did with the audience at a book talk that I gave in Mesa, Arizona last year.

What were you able to feel in your hands after doing the exercise? Did you feel the heat, tingling, or other sensations that mean you are feeling energy? Energy can be easy to feel for some, while others have more difficulty. But feeling energy is a natural function of our brain. If you keep practicing and trying, you’ll eventually be able to do it. The trick is not to try too hard and use relaxed focus.

That focus is what makes energy flow. Energy is dependent on our mind, our intentions. It’s our mind that activates it, makes it stronger, and sends it in a particular direction. You will always get the energy you need to the extent that you focus.

It’s when we make our body full of energy that we have the capacity to send it to other people. Providing something to others is difficult when our own cup is depleted. This is similar to what some people who practice martial arts do. They gather energy into their body and then use that energy when they strike their opponent to increase the force and effectiveness of their blow. Instead of using energy to hit someone, we can use it to help them instead.

To fill up and send energy, it’s not only our minds that are important. The lines and angles of our body are important as well. Creating certain angles in our body opens its energy points (acupressure points) and energy channels (meridians) so that energy can come in and flow properly.

The most important angle is the spine. Straightening our spine from the tailbone to the top of the neck allows energy to flow up it freely and travel throughout the body. It allows us to breathe more deeply to bring more energy into our body, particularly into the energy center that’s in the lower abdomen, which gives us power. A straight spine lets us have a strong center line to keep us steady, as I mentioned in a previous post.

After setting up the vertical line, check the horizontal angles as well. Do your hips and knees create a good support base for you? Are your jaws, shoulders, and hips parallel to the ground? A strong base allows us to have better control over energy, both the energy inside ourselves and the energy we use in the world.

The next angle we create to accumulate energy is with our wrists. Energy enters our hands when our wrists are bent almost 90-degrees. That energy can reach the rest of our body better if our elbows are slightly bent.

With these angles in place, we can imagine energy coming into our bodies through the top of the head, the center of our palms, and the bottom of our bodies (our feet or our trunk if sitting). See it flowing through the body and creating a bright ball in the center of the lower abdomen, below the navel.

As energy gathers there, we may feel our abdomen becoming stronger. Our spine may feel more supported, and our chest feel more relaxed and open. We may feel our head clear, and as if our bodies are becoming bigger.

At some point, we may have a sense of strength and fullness inside. At that point, instead of imagining energy coming into us, we can picture it coming out of our hands. Send that energy wherever you want, such as to a particular person, thing, or outcome. We can also send it to multiple people or things, even to the entire Earth. Add an intention to the energy. For example, we can send it for healing or comfort or helping someone find a job.

If you have a certain person in mind who you know, they can receive the energy you’re sending them more strongly if they consent and if they actively receive it and trust that it will help them. Then they are adding their own intention to the energy.

When many people gather together to send energy, it’s even more powerful. You may have already heard of people doing this, both in person and online.

In the midst of this pandemic, it’s easy to feel powerless. Gathering energy to yourself and letting it overflow to other people is something you can actively do to help our world come out of this time better than before.


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