Find Peace in Your Breath

Could you just keep exhaling? Or could you just keep inhaling?

Try it. Keep inhaling. Breathe in more and more, without resting. How do you feel? It’s hard, isn’t it?

This time, shall we try to keep breathing out? Exhale only, without inhaling. How is it? If feels like you’re going to die, doesn’t it?

You can’t live if you only breathe in or only breathe out. It’s a principle of life that we must breathe in after we breathe out. Life repeatedly gives and receives, contracts and relaxes. This principle is not man-made. It’s a law of nature.

If we try to hoard or only accumulate and consume, this is like only breathing in. If we only give of ourselves until we are depleted, this is like only breathing out. Our relationships with other people, with ourselves, and with our environment depends on first giving and then receiving. Breathe out first, and then you will breathe in.

We are at peace if we live according to the laws of nature, and not if we don’t. Peace depends on breathing. Life is found in breathing, and Truth is in breathing. When we breathe well, our bodies and brains become more comfortable, we are healthy, and everything gets better.

If you focus your attention on your breath, it will naturally become more relaxed, slower, and deeper. Within your breath, you can experience the wonder and peace of your life.


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