Sending Love and Energy to Japan

It's a beautiful thing that we can all hold each others' hands in times of hardship.It has already been five days since Japan was struck by the devastating earthquake and tsunami. When I heard the news, I was filled with a sadness I can’t describe as I felt the pain of Japan and its people. My heart goes out to the innocent souls whose lives have been cut short and to those who have lost so much in this tragedy. At the same time, I feel great admiration for a people who uphold honor, treat each other with respect, and maintain order in a time of fear and confusion.

Struck by a crisis of this magnitude, people naturally ask, “Why?” Why do things like this happen? Seeing products of human civilization reduced to wreckage in a matter of moments by the unrelenting forces of nature makes me think, “What is the relationship between humans and nature?

What have we communicated to the earth, and what message is Mother Earth trying to convey to us now?”

We may consider these events to be natural disasters, but we have to realize that they are actually the result of choices that each of us makes, no matter where we are, and our collective behavior as humanity. We cannot produce greenhouse gases, dispose of our waste the way we do, consume our natural resources, and otherwise destroy the environment of the planet we live on, without expecting to pay for the consequences. It is truly unfortunate that this time, Japan footed a hefty chunk of the bill.

So, what must we do now? First, we have to know that any time a tragedy like this occurs, those who are directly affected are not strangers. Even if we don’t know their names or faces, they are our brothers and sisters, our elders and our children. They’re precious members of our human family, and we cannot hesitate to offer what help we can to those who need it.

We must also realize that each of us is responsible for the future of the earth and humanity, and take action. When all of us think, “Change starts with me,” and focus on the happiness of all of humanity as a whole, we’ll really start to see huge changes. This would be, in effect, the practice of Hongik, which is a Korean term that describes working for the good of all.

More fundamentally, we need to strive for the evolution of human consciousness. This kind of growth involves, rather than gaining something more, peeling away the layers of selfishness, ego, and preconceptions that surround our original, pure and loving essence—what makes us human, and what I call the True Self. If we restore humanity’s True Self, not only will we recover our respect for nature, including our own physical bodies, and our ability to connect with Mother Earth, we will treat all of our fellow human beings with real care and respect.

To all the people in Japan, I know I can say on behalf of many people in the U.S. that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Let’s pray for the souls of all the victims and for Japan’s speedy recovery, and let’s keep working together and in harmony with the earth to create a peaceful world.

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  • I read a post from a very wise Japanese woman who, along with her parents, was able to go deep within and find the wisdom to see the disaster of the earthquake and the Sunami that wiped out an entire town in a new perspective. This is much like Ilchi Lee was able to do after his luggage and his entire net worth of $5,000.00 was was stolen at the airport when he first arrived in the United States.
    The following is a direct quote from the Japanese woman about their dream for Japan: “,,,, my parents and I started talking, saying that we NEED a positive vision for our future. Yes, a whole town vanished. But it now means we can create a new beautiful town from scratch! We need a vision that people can be excited about, to want to work towards, to see the bright possibility that we can all create. We don’t want to re-build the same exact town we had before. We want something better, something more beautiful, sustainable…a model that focuses on the 4S’s – Science, Spirituality, System and Sustainability. We can now from scratch create a city that represents a new way of living”.

  • Thank you. So well expressed. Love and energy to Japan and all.

  • Thank you Seuseungnim for this message. I feel responsibility for this disaster and I am determined to take action which will change the way we live. I pray for the people of Japan.

  • My heart goes out to the Japanese people.
    I wonder if people really realize that this occurance affects everyone not only the Japanese.
    It may seem that it is across the world, but where does Japan’s ocean stop and California’s and Oregon’s begin. I love Ilchi Lee’s message of taking care of the earth and taking care of humanity.
    How would our world change if every day everyone was very conscious of what they did to take care of the earth and one another? Just 2 things.
    I am so grateful for Ilchi Lee to be so determined to have everyone see the why and how of what needs to be done.

  • Ileana Gabriela
    March 18, 2011 8:32 am

    I admire Japanese people’s courage and resilience. Japan sacrifice is for all of us to wake up humanity at this turning point. What will we choose? Keep depleting MAGO from all her beauty, nutrients or we’ll choose to make her bright again, to shine for us, through us? We are all interconnected, sharing the same light, the same Earth and Heaven. I pray for us to make the right choice.

  • It is a disastrous blessing, to be drawn together in peace for humanity, yet again from the result of death. If we could all be drawn together in peace for humanity from the result of Life, as one worldly community, that would send the true message to Mother Earth, and sparks of life can ignite inside those even in the dark. Thank you Ilchi Lee.

  • Salmy (Vienna, Virginia)
    March 19, 2011 11:14 am

    Dear Seuseungnim,
    Last night, during meditation for chakra healing at the Vienna Dahn Yoga Center, VA, I sent peace and healing energy to the people of Japan, the people who are fighting their governments in the Middle East for peace and justice. At first I just healed my family then when I sent healing energy for people in Japan and Middle East I can feel a stronger energy. So I will keep on sending peace energy and send donation through IBREA.
    Could you declare a day or a week of sending peace energy by Dahn Yoga members to Japan and Middle East? Maybe if we all put our minds to it together at the same time, the impact would be greater. I hope you will open dahn yoga centers in the Middle East. People in those countries need a lot of healing and peace energy.
    Thank you for your wisdom. I also want to thank you for sending us Master Hyun to Vienna, VA. He is very kind, compassionate and wise to us all.
    Yours respectfully,

    • Hi Salmy,
      Thank you for your beautiful comment.
      It’s my understanding that the Dahn Yoga Centers had a week of sending energy and donations to Japan last week, but you can speak with your center manager more about that.
      I thought you should know that Ilchi Lee doesn’t direct the movements of the different instructors to different centers. The regional managers and the CEO of Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc. do that. Although Ilchi Lee started Dahn Yoga and Brain Education, and is always creating new techniques and providing spiritual insight, he’s not involved with the company itself anymore.
      Thank you for all of your love and sincerity.

      • Salmy (Vienna, Virginia)
        March 21, 2011 7:14 pm

        Dear Michela,
        Thank you for taking the time to reply. Yes, Master Hyun did ask us to send peace and healing energy to the people of Japan last week and I hope they will recover from the disasters, and their country too.
        While Ilchi Lee may not run the company anymore, his spiritual insight and healing techniques are very much felt and appreciated at Dahn Yoga centers in the US.

    • Ileana Gabriela
      March 21, 2011 9:57 am

      great post, thank you! Let’s all continue praying for Japan until they will rebuild. They will need lots of love and courage to recover from this disaster which I believe it’s Japan’s sacrifice for us all. Let’s also pray for all humanity to uncover its deeper connection and unconditional love for each other, Mother Earth and Heaven, we’re all one. I’ll pray everyday and I will think of you doing the same thing. Thanks again.

      • Salmy (Vienna, Virginia)
        March 21, 2011 7:24 pm

        Dear Ileana,
        Thank you for your kind words. And yes, I will continue to pray for the people of Japan and other countries suffering right now. May they get some relief soon.
        I am glad to hear that the people of Japan find the time to sing and work together in this time of turmoil, as reported by Chookbohk! Perhaps we will work harder to take care of Mago Earth now! Thank you all!

  • I did an introductory class at a senior center on Friday. We talked about the status of Japan. One of the participants is from Japan and has family there. She reported that, in the midst of the turmoil, the citizens took time out to sing and join together. We talked about the importance of working together to create a world of peace and harmony, a world in which all would work toward the harmony and love of Mago Earth. It was a GREAT FEELING to be able to share and have others share their dreams for love and peace too. THANK YOU!!

  • What about sending ICY BLUE COLD ENERGY to those four reactors, and setting an intention that the molecules from the nuclear reaction in all four reactors slow down, and thus cool down. And before you sleep or go to work or take a meal, ask a contingent of your spirit guides to run COLD BLUE ENERGY through those reactors, too. Quantum physics tells us energies coming in from all over the planet, collectively, can help cool down these reactors, and sidestep a China Syndrome reaction. Love, light, and COLD BLUE ENERGY.


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