A Love Poem for You

Ilchi Lee giving a finger heart


Hongik is a beautiful poem, and humbleness.
Hongik is infinite art and enlightenment.
Hongik is love, faith, and gratitude.
Hongik is a sense of responsibility, patience, and forgiveness.
Hongik is a life of health, happiness, and peace.
Hongik is planning, design, prayer, and creation,
and it is endlessly rising to the challenge for boundless freedom.
Hongik is brain power.

With reconciliation, humanity coexists, benefitting all.
Humanity makes peace through Earth Management.


I bring you this poem because Hongik is the spirit behind everything I do and teach, and it is the basis of a peaceful and harmonious world. It is the way human beings can coexist with each other and the Earth in health, happiness, and peace. Translated literally, the Korean word “Hongik” means “widely benefitting.”

In this video, I recite the poem for you in English and its original Korean:

How can you revive the spirit of Hongik within yourself? It naturally arises when you connect with your true self—your soul and divinity. This opens up the light within you and allows you to receive pure, bright energy from the Source of life.

When the Hongik spirit is alive within you, you can take Hongik action in the world around you, designing clear goals to benefit the most people you can. I’ve tried to express the Hongik spirit in everything I do, and I’ve been lucky to have many people join me in my actions and projects. Together, our drive to live in a Hongik way has turned into what we call the Earth Citizen Movement.

An Earth Citizen is someone who recognizes that they depend on and are responsible for the Earth and all the life on it. They’ve realized that all life is One. Living as an Earth Citizen is one of the ultimate expressions of the Hongik spirit. We hope many people take on this identity for themselves.

What is your way of expressing Hongik?


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