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Earth ManagementThirty years ago, as I meditated on top of Moak Mountain, the greatest question that came to me was, “What am I to do with this enlightenment?” I had just had a great awakening that answered the questions I had asked since my youth. But what came next? At that time, two futures for humanity spread out before me. One showed the Earth united by peace and co-existence, the other showed the Earth completely destroyed by war and environmental pollution.

I knew then that both of those two futures were possible. The one that became the future we would experience was a matter of choice. So I chose. I resolved that I would awaken each and every person’s heart to their inner truth, their true value, so that peace and harmony could bloom in the world.

Since then, I have given everything I have to the path I chose. I’ve lived 30 years like one day and each day like 30 years. But the destruction of the Earth’s natural environment continues to worsen, and the harm of people’s loss of humanity cuts deeper every day. The Earth’s time flows increasingly faster, and if we continue this way, humanity has no future. I can see it all too clearly with the searing anxiety of a heart that sees a fire sweep through a village.

That’s why I keep going, even when I’m tired. But one person cannot do it alone. I believe at least 100 million Earth Citizens, a tipping point, need to awaken to the fact that we are all one and entirely dependent on the Earth and its bounty. Together, these 100 million people will participate in conscientious Earth Management. They will make choices while seeing the big picture, choices that are good for themselves, good for other beings, and good for the Earth itself. Awakening and empowering many people to the choice of living as Earth Citizens is the Earth Citizen Movement.

I ask you to develop the heart and mind to benefit all people and the Earth. Embrace others and embrace the Earth. Have passion in your heart for a greater cause. Let us take infinite responsibility for the Earth Village we all live in and become leading figures in a new era of the Earth Citizen Movement.

May a time come when peace and harmony coexist in the Earth Village. I long for that day. When we earnestly long for it, the one, great, unchanging truth will become a reality in the world.

Let us go forward together toward this dream and hope.


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  • When I was a younger kid and had that experience, I went into shock by the 1 view.
    I choose the harmony and peace view instead. It exists in my mind and heart, hopefully everywhere.


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