Try This to Free Your Mind

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When your head is tangled in knots, give this a try . . .

Close your eyes and concentrate on your body, feeling its physical sensations.

Smiling and opening your mouth wide, relax all the joints in your neck.

For one minute, stick out your tongue as far as you can and really shake your head side to side.

You don’t need to be quiet and well behaved. Just move in ways that are out of the ordinary for you. Your brain wants new movements.

And it wants to really be free.

When you do this, you’ll relax, and when you focus, other thoughts won’t arise, and you will attain a state of no-self.

Our lives can be tense, and sometimes we worry about what the person next to us thinks. That’s when emptying our brains can make a real difference. Why not dump everything we have, seeing what that’s like . . . just let go of yourself.

Then your brain becomes free.


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