Look Below the Waves of Your Emotions

Ocean waves

Our emotions change many times a day. All those different feelings are like clouds, flowing by, morphing with time.

Many people are troubled by their emotions while they cling tightly to them. There are cloudy, rainy days in everyone’s life. Some people ask at such times why the days of fair weather don’t continue; others look on dispassionately, simply noting, “Oh, it’s raining.”

While we all have emotions, they are not who we really are. Emotions are merely waves, rising and falling in the ocean of the mind. The waves are not the whole ocean; they’re just a part of it.

Emotions are nothing but a movie projected on the screen of the mind. Immersed deep in their thoughts and feelings, people don’t realize that their sentiments are just a show. So they remain firmly attached to being happy or sad.

The screen doesn’t disappear when the movie is over. In the same way, there is something unchanging amid those emotions. A being is there, watching the anxiety, sadness, and loneliness.

That is the true self, the true mind.

Feelings are guests in our lives, coming and going restlessly. So don’t look for true happiness in your feelings. Instead of floundering in waves of emotion, learn how to ride your emotions, surfing them like waves.

Getting your balance is important if you want to surf well. In the same way, when you are firmly rooted, centered in your true self, you can use your emotions freely, keeping your feelings at your beck and call.

Strive to have eyes to see the changeless amid the changing. Listen to the sounds of the ocean waves of Hawaii in this video, and let your mind sink beneath the waves to the stillness in the depths of yourself.


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