Love More the Harder Things Get

There is a Korean saying: “Give the one you dislike another piece of rice cake.” In other words, “Kill ’em with kindness.” The more you continue to resent someone you dislike, the more unlikable they become. Doing that will make you lonelier and lonelier.

How could you be surrounded only by people you like? And are only good things going to happen all the time? As you encourage yourself to see even disagreeable people in a good light, as you ceaselessly strive to break through frustrating circumstances, the seeds of patience, forgiveness, and love grow in your heart.

You come to dislike even yourself when your circumstances seem to stand in your way. Instead of thinking, “Who’s going to love me when I don’t even like myself?” you should give yourself a pat of encouragement. Only then can you do the same for others, too. The most foolish thing in the world is disliking yourself.

Love more and more the harder things get. Love yourself and those around you. As you make yourself brighter, your life will grow more valuable.

Flames will ignite, illuminating your inner darkness when you realize that you are a beautiful, holy being. That brightness is a lamp able to design and create a new future.


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