Why Do Meditation?

Why do meditation? The primary reason is to open up. If you become closed, your body and mind become sick.

First and foremost, open up to yourself. Your true nature inside you is the master key to health and happiness.

When you open to yourself, you become brighter and become aware of the divine aspect of your brain. Your senses also awaken, and you form a wider and deeper connection with your surroundings.

Opening to yourself includes seeing and accepting who you are at this moment. Each and every day, say good-bye to your past self without regret or hesitation and meet with the new you.

If you find your mind stuck in the past or your life repeating the past over and over, moving your body will move you forward. When water stagnates, it rots. You can move your body and make yourself feel brighter and healthier with the Get Bright Method.

I also suggest giving yourself a direction to move in by creating a goal. This will give you a reason to get up and motivation to keep going. If you simply make up your mind, choose, and take action, change will take place at lightspeed.

Having a vision you have to achieve and having a dream is the happiest thing ever.

Open your heart,
open your brain,
and speak your vision.
Meet with a new you every day.

That’s how you get bright!

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