Take Back Your Brain!

Many people correctly understand what it means to master their brains. Some, on the other hand, wonder whether there was ever a time when they weren’t the master of their brain. How could it be possible not to be the master of their brain? They think because they studied hard in school and got good grades or bad grades based on their brain’s abilities, they were always the master of their brain.

However, being a true master of your brain isn’t about doing what others tell you to do. Say someone told you to do 100 math problems, and you just solved them without question. Whose brain did this? Although your brain solved the problems, the person who issued the instructions to do them is its master. Living surrounded by instructions, we don’t realize how much they influence us. We believe this is being the masters of our brains. But it’s not.

The kind of brain mastery I’m talking about is creating and asking your own questions. When your brain answers them, you can take those answers with you. You own them; you did not ingest them passively and blindly. For example, most people have smart phones. These phones have countless advertisements that pop up for you to see. If you keep looking at those advertisements habitually and automatically, then who is master of that smartphone? You paid for it, but if your brain is moved by all of that information, then you are not master of it.

A master determines whether information contributes to his or her values. You should be able to choose it. You are the master of your brain only when you can determine whether different emotions and habits contribute to your family’s happiness and to realizing your own values, and then choose the ones that do. If advertising makes you feel unhappy about buying something, if you have to buy what they are selling to feel happy, then, ultimately, you’re made a slave by the person who conveys the information to you through the smartphone you keep carrying.

You have the power to search for information and the power to cut yourself off from information. These days, if you look, you’ll see that everyone is getting hacked. You can say that you are the master of your brain when, with your own insight and philosophy as one who has observer consciousness, you can judge these different things for yourself.

To be able to do that, your mind needs to reach the zero point. The zero point is a perspective of neutrality, balance, and clarity; it exists at the very center of your consciousness. Only when you have reached the zero point will you understand the true substance of all information and find your true value. You’ll be able to see where some information has come from, why you were made aware of it, and what significance it has for your own value and life. Without reaching zero point, however, you cannot make such judgments because you do not have a valid basis for comparison.

People who learn their true value do not have the drive to possess or rule. Rather, they discover the will to create a peaceful and harmonious world. When those people carry out their will, then an era of spiritual civilization will overtake our current material civilization. That is what it means to be the master of your brain, and it is the reason to recover your zero point with meditation.

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  • I have begun. Every evening I stop all activity and spend time with my beautiful brain. I ask probing questions, Who Am I? Where is my destiny? How can I become a better soul while living in this time? Recently, I received information that made me smile. When I asked, “Who Am I? I received, “I am Light.” This made me think harder, on our connectivity to the Universe.


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