Joy and Laughter

Ilchi-Lee_joy-and-laughter_20130521There has never been a time
when the world was dark
because of a lack of the words of Truth.
It’s a matter of having the right attitude
and the will to implement something,
even if it’s small.

Many people have lost
laughter in their lives.
If you ask what makes them so dark,
they blame a world that’s “hard to live in.”
But it’s the strangest thing.
Why do we think
there has to be something enjoyable
in order to be able to smile or laugh?
You don’t smile because something makes you happy; if you smile or laugh first,
happiness follows.

Therefore, right this very moment,
after you breathe out slowly and deeply,
shape your mouth into a smile
and try saying with a light in your eyes:
“I’ve decided that, from now on, I’m going to smile and laugh.”
Say it with all your heart.
Then your mind will become still like a lake,
and from a place deep in your being,
you will feel something billowing up
like the morning mist.

That something is joy.


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