One-Click Enlightenment. Can Modern Technology Make Enlightenment Faster?

One click enlightenment lotusWe are now living in an information age. Information travels across the globe at lightning speed. We can see practically everything through video images. We can travel to Zimbabwe, Cambodia, even to the moon in an instant. We are living in a time where we can experience everything at the click of a button, even meditation. You don’t need a special method for meditation . . . you can just watch a video.

Because of this convenient accessibility to limitless information and technology, a person who lived two-hundred years ago may assume that humanity had reached its enlightenment if they were to witness our modern society. The average five year old knows more now than many adults in previous eras. But where has this technology gotten us? Are we happier now than we were before? Is there more peace on the planet?

Technology on the planet has progressed faster than the consciousness of humanity; however enlightenment can also happen in an instant. It really can be that fast. The only thing that keeps you from achieving enlightenment in this moment is your thoughts, just tiny bits of information firing in your brain. They are not even real, tangible 3D things.

The value of a human being lies in the value of the information that she carries. Our current media has focused primarily on telling the story of the struggle, not the solution. We have allowed these stories to influence the way that we see the world. These stories of struggle may have been entertaining, but has the media enhanced your own quest for a happier, healthier life?

A change is in the wind. A new interest in mental and spiritual wellness has hit the planet, and the scales have begun to balance. Soon, technology and consciousness will go hand and hand. A trend of using technology to advance the human spirit has begun. To contribute to that end, I have developed, a website for enlightened media. Television shows, broadcasts, music, and meditations are produced regularly that engage the human imagination in the quest for growth and completion. All of the programming on this site has been designed as a support tool to help expand your consciousness and make mindful living something that comes effortlessly.

Through the meditations on the site, you can reconnect to yourself, release negative information that you may have encountered during your day, and refresh your spirit. You don’t need years of practice; all you need is to see, all you have to do is search. That is the kind of world that we are living in. We can travel across the globe at lightning speed, or we can transcend time and space and experience ourselves as an enlightened being with one click of a button.

You don’t even need to believe anything in particular to experience the benefits; you can just enjoy the process of allowing your brainwaves to regulate through doing a meditation, listening to music that soothes the soul, or watching a program that sparks the courage to reach for your dreams. It is my hope to contribute to the world with positive, quality entertainment that enlightens, entertains, and supports you in the highest expression of your life.

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  • This is so encouraging! We are truly fortunate to live in time when we can seek enlightenment freely and find abundance of such quality information so easily. Thank you for sharing and supporting us.


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