Between Hurdles and Hope

Today is there
between the hurdles and the hope.
Life is there
between the hurdles and the hope.

What hurdles do you face today?
What hope do you embrace today?
If you only have hurdles,
without having any hope,
there is no future for you.

No matter what massive obstacles you may be facing,
as long as you have hope,
you have a future.

All you have to do with obstacles is overcome and eliminate them;
if you don’t have hope, find it;
and if you do have hope, grow it
But first you need to recognize what hurdles you face
and what hope you have.
The problem is that you don’t ask yourself
what your obstacles are
and what hope you have each day.

If you don’t ask, there is no growth.
If you sincerely want to grow,
you have to ask yourself:
What are my obstacles today?
What is my hope today?

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