Give Yourself the Gift of Light with Meditation

Ilchi Lee sending energy to workshop participants

In these days of social distancing, I’m meeting many people online, training and counseling them and sending them energy. The energy I’m sending now is of the brightest cosmic light, what I call gwangmyung chunki in Korean. It’s an invisible light whose energetic “heat” is as strong as “1 million degrees Celsius”—in other words, the strongest light you can fathom.

This light is the light of awakening and enlightenment. It clears chakras while it brightens and balances your body’s entire energy system. Gwangmyung light grows the energy of your soul and brightens your spirit—the divine aspect of yourself in your brain.

You can also receive this light. There’s no trick or special exercise. Just be open and willing.

  1. Close your eyes and slow down your breathing.
  2. Bring your awareness back to yourself in the here and now, rather than outside of yourself or in the past or the future.
  3. Repeat “gwangmyung” or “bright light” out loud or to yourself if it helps you focus.
  4. Allow the light to come to you. Visualize it filling your body from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and down to the tips of your toes.
  5. Imagine the light burning away your ego, your worries, and your fears until nothing is left besides your own inner light.
  6. Let your body move as it wants in any fashion. Express the light you have inside.
  7. Then come to rest in a comfortable posture but with your back straight. Put your hands on your abdomen below your navel. Feel your hands touching your belly, and feel your abdomen rising as you inhale and falling as you exhale.
  8. After resting this way for a short while, you can restart your day with renewed energy and hope.

Just as I sent light to others, you can too. There are no qualifications or prerequisites. Just use your mind to imagine bright, loving light going to those you want to help. In the process, you will find that the person who is healed the first is yourself.

This is a season of light. That’s the greatest gift you can give yourself—the light of the LifeParticle Sun, the source of all life. You can use this light to bring yourself back to your purest, truest self. The self that is love and peace, from which all wellness stems.

This is a season of light. The the greatest gift you can give yourself is the purest, brightest energy of the Source of all life. Click To Tweet

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  • Yes, if there is a gift worth receiving, it’s letting go and allowing the purest and brightest energy to fill me up 🙂


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