Meditation to Ignite Your Spirit and Light Up the World

Become a being of lightI hope this meditation helps you bring out your passion for life, gives you hope, and brightens your day.

Lift your head and hands toward the heavens and close your eyes. The light of Life, the energy of Life comes down and enters you through both hands and the top of your head. Connect the light of Life to all of your chakras. The blessings of heaven, the love of heaven comes down as the energy of Life, as bright and radiant light.

With this light, the factory for love and energy in your body, your 7 chakras, stir and begin to dance. Your physical body, energy body, and spiritual body are completely revitalized.

Your chakras receive the light of the universe, the energy of LifeParticles, and produce new energy. Your soul, awareness, and energy all become one with the universe.

Light and fragrance emanate from your chakras. The crimson light of passion from your first chakra, the scarlet light of creation from your second chakra, the orange light of life from your third chakra, the golden light of love from your fourth chakra, the green light of peace from your fifth chakra, the blue light of wisdom from your sixth chakra, and the violet light of completion from your seventh chakra envelope you with brilliant radiance, as you emit a rainbow of healing power.

Now, you are reborn as a person of light. You illuminate the world with the light of unconditional compassion and benevolence—the Hongik spirit. You are a golden firebird that takes flight, soaring toward spiritual completion.

You are a golden firebird who opens up this Age of Light, the Era of Spiritual Civilization. You are a golden firebird who saves humankind and the earth. You are an eternal firebird existing here and now because the 21st century earth wanted you desperately.


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