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Ilchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - bonIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - shimIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - bon

Ilchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - taeIlchi Lee- Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - yangIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - ahngIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - myong

Bohn Shim Bohn Tae Yang Ang Myong

Divine mind is the eternal light, looking towards celestial light

The Chun Bu Kyung repeatedly speaks about the concept of divinity. You can call this omnipresent force, light or spirit or source or one or the origin of life. You can also call it chunjikiun and chunjimaeum in Korean. There is divinity in the universe, and there is divinity in our mind.

Ilchi Lee - energy - divinityWhen the Source in your mind (eternal light) and the Source of the cosmos (celestial light) commune as one, a greater light is illuminated. It’s the natural tendency of divinity to seek this unity— unity between ourselves and all life.

Your conscience comes from divinity. Your conscience knows everything and cannot be hidden or ignored for long. Beside letting you know when you have done wrong, your conscience can help you regain your center when you’ve lost your balance. It tells you when you’ve wandered away from your true nature, which is divine, and how to get back.

Divinity is also a great love— a love from the heat of your emotions, but a love that sheds light on the divine all around you. When you look within and listen to the sound of your beating heart, and feel grateful to be alive, you can sense true love, your divinity. When you act with great love full of compassion for all things in Heaven and on Earth, small love gets out of the way on its own. Then you become someone you can admire because you are acting as an expression of the divine. Self love stems from divine love. When you express true unconditional love, you not only have the eternal light of divinity inside; it radiates from you to light up the world.

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  • Wow, beautiful message today! Thank you 🙂

  • The eternal light within me and the source of the cosmos seek each other for unity. What a beautiful and touching truth!
    Thank you Seuseung nim for reminding us.

  • this is so beautiful it realy made me look inside my self and as I was reading I felted full of love. thank you

  • I live on a highway, and i have a nice size yard that 100s of people drive by everyday. I am taking this opportunity to plant lots of joyful sun flowers and a beautiful herb and vegetable garden. put up bird houses and a lovely playground made of colorful recycled tires. this is my way of delivering divine love to those i don’t even know. My goal is to make everyone that drives by, smile.
    Heather Athey

  • I felt the divinity within me yearning for the divinity of the universe when I stood looking at Bell Rock. When Tao Master mused that the great face was saying “I want to go home” I wept.

  • I felt this sense of divine love when I looked at a complete stranger, with thoughts and behaviors so different from my own, and yet came to a deep awareness that I was/am that person. This is hard to describe with words. I will strive to feel this divine love every moment. Thank you.

  • I want to love with the big love! Thank you Seuseungnim for showing the way!

  • Thank you so much for this message reminding me to look inside for my light on a day I felt lost in the dark.


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