A Capsule for Health

an energy capsule

Our brains and our bodies are intimately connected. When athletes and musicians imagine themselves practicing, the similar neurons fire as when they physically practice, and their actual performance improves.

Part of our natural capacity to heal and make ourselves happy comes from our brains. And a basic principle of energy is that energy follows the mind. The more the mind focuses on something, the more energy goes to it.

A basic principle of energy is that energy follows the mind. Click To Tweet

The nature of our energy determines the nature of our condition. If we want to be happier and healthier, then our energy needs to be stronger and brighter.

So I use my imagination to give myself bright energy. Lately in particular, I imagine a capsule of energy coming down and surrounding my body. This capsule calms my mind, opens my heart, and ignites my passion for my purpose. It makes me want to move and interact with people freely, creatively, actively, and joyfully.

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Any negative or dark energy I may have at that moment leaves my body through the back of my head and goes out through a small exit hole at the top of the capsule. Negative thoughts leave with it. Sometimes, I feel my body vibrate as the energy balance in my body is restored.

If I imagine the capsule long enough, I become filled and surrounded with the brightest, purest universal energy. Negative energy from the outside doesn’t affect me while I’m in an energy capsule. I feel as if I’m protected and nurtured in my mother’s womb.

I can make the capsule as big as I want so that it can cover any space. I also imagine other people in the capsule with me when I want to help them be brighter, or I visualize a goal I want to achieve to give energy to it. Newsletter signup banner

I make a capsule first thing in the morning, and whenever I exercise or meditate during the day. This capsule meditation helps me stay connected to the essence of life itself and reminds me that no matter what I may encounter, everything is ultimately OK.

Anyone can make their own energy capsule. Yours can be any size or shape you need. You can see what pops into your mind, or you can use red for recharging your physical energy, gold for health and peace of mind, or silver or white for receiving messages and enlightenment. With these kinds of capsules, your body, energy, and spirit can be born anew.

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