Let Your Heart Be Light

heart of tealight candles

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The winter holidays serve to remind us to shine a light in darkness. Besides strings of lights, stars, and candles, however, we have light inside ourselves—especially in our energy centers.

A fiery light like that of a furnace burns in our lower energy center in our lower abdomen, fueling our vitality. The brightest of the bright lights shines from the middle energy center in our chest, our heart. In the upper energy center in our head, the light of the divine sparkles.

However, stress can dim those lights. If left unresolved, stress causes blockages in energy flow, especially in our chest and solar plexus. Then the hot fiery energy meant for our abdomen collects in our head and our heart, overstimulating our emotions and thoughts. Instead of bright, clear energy, we find ourselves with dim, heavy energy.

This state may make us forget that our thoughts and emotions, whether positive or negative, are in fact all just a layer of energy. They’re not who we really are at our core. By remembering that in the midst of fear and doubt lies the love and hope of our true self—the eternal light of our hearts, we can treat the drama of our thoughts and emotions as fuel for raising the brightness of our light.

But we don’t need to do this by just thinking about it. Small actions can make a big difference. For instance, we can use the Get Bright Breathing Method (also known as Joongwan Healing) to clear up our blockages. Then our energy will be able to flow in its natural Water Up, Fire Down pattern so that fire energy collecting in our upper body can make it down to our lower body and restore our natural balance and resilience.

To do a simple version of this method:

Joongwan acupressure point

[Illustration from Water Up Fire Down by Ilchi Lee]

  1. Take your thumb or the three middle fingers of each hand and press your Joongwan acupressure point in the middle of your solar plexus. You can also use a blunt tool to do it.
  2. Press this point deeply and repeatedly, finding your own rhythm.
  3. Relax your belly and shoulders and exhale through your mouth while you do this so that the stress stuck in your body can ease out. If this area is too painful, you can press more lightly.

By making Water Up, Fire Down energy flow with this method, we’re able to experience the joys of the holiday season. Instead of their being beautiful but unattainable ideals, peace, hope, love, and light can be our inner reality. They are always waiting in our heart, ready to be seen and shared.

And the wisdom of our conscience that also resides there can be heard if we pay attention to it. It’s always available to guide us to live in ways that spread the light of the season throughout the rest of the year.

To learn more about improving your energy flow, you can look into my book Water Up Fire Down: An Energy Principle for Creating Calmness, Clarity, and a Lifetime of Health.

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