Find Eternal Love When Your Heart Joins with the Great Spirit

Now is a material age. The desire for money, prestige, and power dominates any desire for the evolution of the spirit. Because it is centered almost exclusively on matter, our society cannot help but experience conflict, disruption, and fighting, no matter how good the institutions we create are. Why is that? Matter has limitations. There is only one planet, and there is only one position of president for each country. People fight to take it, so how could there be harmony?

The material world has limits in this way, but the spiritual world is limitless. Harmony is realized, and there no are battles in the enlightened, spiritual world. In the structure of the material world, however, struggles and divisions are inevitable. The world of the spirit is the only way to escape from the limitations of matter.

Ilchi Lee meditating in Sedona AZEvery person has access to this spiritual world and its limitlessness, bliss, and peace because we are all made of spirit. The great spirit that existed before time emerges into the material world, taking countless forms time and again. It is active for a while, and then returns to its source.

However, falling down into the material world, spirit cannot always rise again. When people forget their spirit, and don’t promote and express that spirit, it becomes stuck in the limitations of the material world.

Evolving our consciousness so that we think and act in alignment with spirit allows us to be a part of the spiritual world even while we are on the Earth. The harmony and happiness of the spiritual world can emerge, heralding a new spiritual age.

The only way to align ourselves with the great spirit so it can be free rise from the material world and return to the source once more is to have great love.

What kind of love is that? It is not the love of ordinary human relationships. Because ordinary personal relationships involve emotion, because they are insecure, they are not eternal. The one great spirit, however, is eternal life. So, if you’re going to love, you might as well love with eternal life; it’s truly love worth the investment. Love between human beings is unlikely to be worth the investment, and it always results in turning back from the beloved with an empty heart. To find great love, you need to merge the soul in your heart with the great spirit.

Where is the great spirit? It’s in your own brain, not in some great place or cathedral or temple or shrine. Foolish people wander in search of it, without knowing that they have it so near. They wander, crying out, “Love, love . . .”

The great spirit has come down into your brain to save the soul in your heart. The soul cannot find stability without encountering the spirit. Otherwise, your heart will always feel empty and frustrated, like a bottomless container that can never be filled. The soul cannot be satisfied with the worldly things in which you get lost. It must now connect to the spirit that has come from the source of the cosmos to become one with that spirit, becoming whole. Through merging with each person’s soul, the spirit can evolve and rise once more.

But it is so hard to meet the great spirit, who is nearby. What’s truly unfortunate is that, although great love has come down into us and dwells in our head, most people have not known it. They have been unable to feel the numinous spirit in their head because they had no interest in it. Instead, their minds were enthralled by the different things around them. It is only by stilling our mind through meditation that we can experience the bright light of spirit. The moment you encounter it, you experience a state of discontinuity in which space and time stop completely. It is a state of incredible joy and ecstasy that is inexpressible and cannot be felt in the material world.

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