What If You Died in 3 Minutes?

Ilchi-Lee_death-is-a-tool_20141022_newsletterSuppose you will die one month from now. What about tomorrow? Or three minutes from now? Is there something you would still do regardless? That something, then, is sincere and meaningful.

Faced with death, you realize that all other desires in your life are illusions for maintaining life. Life and death, however, are the substance.

Death, then, is an important tool whenever you make a decision in life. All external expectations, pride, shame, and fears of failure fall away before death, and only the things that are important as truth remain. That’s why death makes us truthful.

So, if you live your life thinking of death not as somewhere distant, but as close at hand, there is no doubt you will become a Hongik Human—a person with a pure and great mind that loves the world and tries to help everyone.

People generally live in fear that they might lose something. Death is the best way to escape from that fear. That’s why death can be a good guide, a good medicine in life.
Life’s greatest invention is death.

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