Light Up Your Consciousness: Ilchi Lee’s Chant for Harmony and Peace

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Make yourself feel brighter and lighter with words that call for harmony inside and out.

Words and sounds contain and transmit energy. Because of this, they affect our consciousness and even our body. They can affect the world around us as well. That’s why the words we say, and especially the intentions with which we say them, matter.

Sometimes words come to me in meditation that uplift and inspire me. They come from my higher consciousness. I share them when I think they will help others as well.

One day last October, a set of words came to me, and I realized that they can help people make their energy lighter and brighter. Having light and bright energy makes our bodies and minds healthier, happier, and more productive. I want to share them with you now because their meaning reflect a desire for a more peaceful, harmonious existence and a peaceful, harmonious earth.

I think the world really needs words like these right now. I believe that saying them out load, chanting them, can help strengthen our deeply held desire for such a world. And it can help strengthen our ability to create it by changing our energy and consciousness in that direction. Newsletter signup banner

Coexistence Chant

The words that came to me were naturally in Korean, my native tongue. Just as one might chant in Sanskrit, I hope you try these Korean words out. As I mentioned above, both the sound and the meaning of the words carry energy. But if the Korean is too difficult or cumbersome for you, even with practice, you can use the English translation instead.

Repeat the chant below over and over in a way that feels right for you. Listen to the sound of your voice as you do it, and let the sound help bring your mind into a meditative state. You can chant for as long as you like. Try out different lengths of time, and see how you feel.

Ilhwa Sangsaeng, Ilyu Pyunghwa
(Harmonious Coexistence, World Peace)

Jigu Gyungyoung, Sowon Sungchui
(Earth Management, Fulfillment of Wishes)

Ilhwa Segye, Mugoong Johwa
(One harmonious world, Infinite Creation)

This message caused my soul to tremble. I hope it speaks to your heart, too.

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