How We Improve Our Health with Sound Vibration

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Vibrations from sound influence our body’s vibration and energy. When our energy changes, we change our health.

Sounds are all around us. They are part of our daily lives, and while we often take noise for granted, the vibrations of those sounds can help us live healthier, happier, and more grounded lives. The benefits are not just a perceived impact that’s only in our heads—scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of sound vibrations upon our health.

What Is Sound Vibration?

Sound is made of vibrating particles that knock into other particles and make them vibrate, creating a wave. When these vibrations hit our ear drums, signals are sent to our brains, which interpret the signals as sounds.

Vibrations are also the reason we can make sounds from our vocal cords. The vibrations in our vocal cords are produced when air from our lungs pushes our vocal cords to open and close. It’s amazing when you think about it. Without this principle of sound vibration, we wouldn’t be able to speak or sing.

Sound waves already have a solid place in medicine. For instance, it’s sound waves that allow ultrasounds to be used as a diagnostic tool. But we don’t need sophisticated equipment to unlock the full potential of this powerful medicine. Because of the effects of sound on our brains and bodies, we can use sound vibrations ourselves to maintain and improve our health. Newsletter signup banner

How Sound Vibration and Meditation Can Help Us

Sound and the energy of its vibrations have the power to enable us to get out of our own heads. Those little nagging worries in our day-to-day lives can create too much chatter in our minds, preventing us from relaxing and truly being in the moment. When we’re focusing on sound, though, we can quiet that chatter. Immersing ourselves in sound vibrations, or sound bathing as it is sometimes called, has been found to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, tension, fatigue, and anger in those who use it.

As amazing as it sounds, sound vibrations cannot just solely be heard—they can also be felt. Those feelings can bring down stress levels, alter brainwave patterns, and slow down respiratory rates.

Alleviating stress and tension benefits more than our moods. Scientists have long known that chronic stress can lead to other diseases by creating excessive inflammation in the body.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to harness the energy of sound vibrations as a way to prevent certain diseases? How many of us could cut back on medications and skip the heartache of a shocking diagnosis if we stayed better in tune with the energy around and in our bodies? Could we replace some of our medications with tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, and drums? It’s a real and exciting possibility.

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How We Can Use Sound Vibration

Sound vibration can come from any instrument or even our own body through our voice or through tapping our body like a drum. It’s often easiest to start with simple musical instruments such as bells, singing bowls, or drums.

If we focus on the sound and feel its vibrations, our minds and bodies will start to relax. In that state of relaxation and inner focus, we can feel more connected to ourselves. As that connection deepens, we may then feel connected to others such as people, plants, animals, and even the planet itself.

We can make the sounds ourselves or simply listen to someone else’s music. Let your mind feel your body, noticing what happens inside without judgment. Allow whatever you notice to pass through your mind without holding onto it. Once your mind has settled into your inner landscape, let yourself flow with the energy around you. The boundary between your inner self and the outer world may dissolve as you become immersed in the feeling of the sound.

We can also use sound meditation to release stuck energy from our bodies. With your imagination, direct the sounds you make or hear to places of tension, pain, or emotional upset. These symptoms indicate where energy is stuck, and the combination of your focus on them and the sound vibrations will break up and flush out the energy blockages.

As our energy moves and becomes clearer, we’ll be able to feel our spirits and mood lightening, our hearts opening, and our bodies filling with energy and a sense of wonder. Sound vibration provides a way for us to let go of our cares, be in the moment, and experience music or noises that help us to feel and release strong emotions. We can feel joy, love, and a connection to the world around us, all because of sound.

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