A Solar Sound Meditation for Natural Health

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Through light and sound, we can recover our inner sense of balance and promote health naturally.

You may have noticed that our bodies and minds have their own natural healing power—an ability to maintain balance and harmony. Many of our physical ailments heal themselves if we but recover our natural inner balance. Having a sense of this innate ability and using it in our lives lets us manage our health ourselves. Without learning something particularly special, we are able to use this sense to realize what we need and provide ourselves with it.

However, many people have not been taught how to tune into this sense and may even be hesitant or self-conscious about trusting it. They may wonder things like, “What if it doesn’t work, can I really do it, what will other people think?” So instead of relying on the natural part of themselves inside, they tend to rely solely on societal systems or institutions rather than using these systems as support for their inner sense of balance. But anything artificial blocks this sense.

Since the term “solar” describes a symbol of nature that’s vital to our well-being, I like to think of someone who has a well developed sense of inner balance and natural healing power as a “Solar Body.” Like the sun generates its own energy and life-giving warmth, Solar Bodies can create health and happiness for themselves without being dependent on anything artificial or the external environment. Newsletter signup banner

Recover Our Natural Selves by Changing Our Energy

To regain our sense of inner balance and become a Solar Body, we need to resonate with nature. The world is made of energy, and energy is consists of light, sound, and all vibration. Nature has its own rhythm and energy, and this rhythm beats in our brain stems—the part of our brains that regulates our automatic and subconscious processes. Within the natural rhythm of our brain stems lies our natural healing power. Body and mind both become sick when the rhythm of life in the brain stem weakens.

If that rhythm is to revive, our consciousness—our inner awareness—must be able to enter the brain stem, uniting our conscious and subconscious minds. But we can’t do that unless our thoughts and emotions have stilled. When we become lost in our thoughts and emotions, we cannot sense the rhythm of life in our brain stem because they cover or dominate it. On the other hand, we can amplify and consciously use our natural healing power if we use energy—light, sound, and vibration—to clear our minds and allow the rhythm of nature to dominate our brains instead.

Try This Sun and Sound Meditation for a Solar Body

Today I will share a method of changing our energy to resonate with that of nature through sunlight and sound.

Take some time to walk in the sunshine and take in the natural energy of the sun with your whole body, feeling it give you warmth. As you feel the warmth inside, let it help you be in this moment, now, and slowly set aside all worries, anxieties, everything. Finding yourself in the moment more and more, accept the solar energy more fully. Feel it spread throughout your body.

There’s a signal we feel when our body is charged with plenty of solar energy. We get a tingling sensation all the way to the tips of the fingers and toes. This happens when our body temperature rises and our blood vessels dilate, promoting energy and blood circulation to the ends of our extremities. Filled with energy from the sun, the tangle of negative thoughts gradually disappears and is replaced by comfort, peace, and revitalization.

In this calm state, make the sound, “Ah,” from your belly. After making it for one minute, continue while imagining the wave of energy from the sound driving away any stifling tension in your chest. Then see it going to any place in your body where you may be having problems.

Imagine that the waves of sound are resonating with the cells in your body, causing them to vibrate and healing them. You may be able to feel changes happening in places where you hurt.

Now make the sound, “Ahng,” and let the energy of this sound vibrate throughout your body. Continue this for three minutes. You can even move your body instinctively to the sound. Your emotions and thoughts may be purified, and your body’s natural healing energy may grow stronger.

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The Earth’s Vibrations Are Our Vibrations, and Our Vibrations Are the Earth’s Vibrations

The natural reverberations of body and mind are the resonance of the earth, and the reverberations of the earth are our resonance. Amplify your natural healing power with these reverberations. Find the resonance of nature inside you. The world is also being healed and becoming harmonious through these reverberations as you amplify them.

Because they are natural, you don’t need to learn anything; just do it. It’s like the sound of wind and waves. It’s something we all have.

And when we recover our natural healing power, our communication with ourselves deepens. We develop self-confidence, and we grow our ability to observe clearly, choose wisely, and act on those choices. As a result, we become able to create positive change in every aspect of our lives, from interpersonal relationships to self-development.

Furthermore, by showing and sharing what we’ve experienced to the people around us, we develop a desire to help others have healthier and happier lives. The people who choose and act on this desire help those around them recover their natural healing power. Solar Bodies who do this, like the sun, shine with their own light and illuminate their surroundings.

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  • Ayesha Grice
    July 14, 2022 3:30 pm

    I have Mr.Lees book on longevity and living to be 120 years. I’ve given the book to friends and family. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


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