Five-Minute Solar Meditation

The sun is always there, giving the earth energy. Without it, life on earth would not be possible. Human beings need the sun for our health, happiness, and peace.

You have the natural capacity to tap into the sun’s energy and fill your energy body with it at anytime. There’s enough for everyone; we don’t have to compete for it. In the same way, we don’t have to compete for or feel lack of health, happiness, and peace in our lives.

The Solar Body Method helps you utilize the energy of the sun. Today, I will show you how to receive solar energy directly. I encourage you to practice this meditation outdoors in the sunlight.

Sunrise for solar meditation

First, stand or sit and close your eyes. Lift both hands above your head and hold your palms toward the sun. Touch your thumbs together and your index fingers together to form a triangle. The most sensitive part of our bodies is our hands. With your palms facing the sun, receive solar energy through your palms. You receive energy simply by concentrating on your palms. Feel the heat of the sun there. You can also imagine the sun’s energy coming into you through your palms.

With your imagination, move the solar energy that came in through your hands to your arms, shoulders, and all the way to your chest. As you visualize that warmth spreading from your chest, past your stomach, and all the way down into your the energy center in your lower abdomen, your Dahnjon, charge your Dahnjon with solar energy. The Dahnjon is an energy charging station.

Now, bring your hands down by your chest, keeping your palms facing the sun. As time passes, you’ll feel your palms becoming hotter and you’ll feel yourself becoming connected with the energy of the sun.

Slowly shake your head left and right, and observe the colors of the light in front of your eyes changing. Depending on the angle, you’ll see gold, you’ll see orange, and you may also see red.

Now, slowly bring your chin down, then bring it back up again, repeatedly nodding your head. As you repeat this movement, keep bringing the solar energy that came in through your face down into your Dahnjon and charge it.

Do you feel your body growing warmer? It is changing to the temperature of passion.

There’s no need to practice this training for a long period of time. Five to ten minutes will suffice.

Try this meditation and let me know how you felt during and after doing it. Did you feel as warm and bright as the sun?

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