How to Manage Our Basic Instincts and Grow into Our Greatest Selves

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Expressing our highest self through striving for a grand dream transforms our consciousness and tempers our ego.

You could say that each of us as a human being has a rational nature and a materialistic nature. We have the drive to eat, sleep, and procreate, among other drives, in order for ourselves and the species to survive. Most of us control these drives with our rational mind. We restrain ourselves from expressing these natural drives when it can be harmful or inappropriate for ourselves or others.

Sometimes maintaining a balance between these two natures comes easily, but sometimes it’s much harder. Stress and emotion may overcome our reason and we may eat more than is healthy for us. Depression or sadness may make it harder to get out of bed, and loneliness may lead us to the arms of someone we may not care for. When we feel weak, the influence of our rational mind can also weaken.

Besides the drives we need to survive, our materialistic nature includes emotions driven by our ego. Envy and jealousy of people who seem to have more or to do better than us exemplify these egoic emotions.

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We Are More

But we have another nature that we can develop to be stronger than our rational nature or our materialistic nature. This is our divine nature. Our divine nature is a consciousness and energy that is greater than our body, our personal selves, or this lifetime. It’s the energy and consciousness of Creation and Oneness, and it’s housed in our brain stem.

When our brain and body are filled with bright, strong, clear energy, we have less unhealthy urges and our vital functions and natural desires fall into balance. Then we don’t need to use our mind to force ourselves to eat less or stay out of harmful relationships. We have the energy we need to look forward to getting out of bed in the morning and doing what we need to do.

People whose brain energy is bright and strong make choices for their health, happiness, and peace. They also seek to help the world be healthier, happier, and more peaceful. This desire and ability comes from our divine nature. Newsletter signup banner

How to Strengthen Our Divine Selves

To brighten and grow our divine energy, we can do meditations such as this pineal gland meditation. We can also remain aware of our desires and emotions, and if we feel like our materialistic nature may take over, we can ask our divine nature to step in and help us overcome them.

We can respond with gratitude as well. Offering gratitude for the challenging situations and people who make things difficult for us or who just make us feel down can stimulate our divine nature and help us rise out of our egoic or negative emotions.

Finally, we can grow our divine nature by committing to a vision, a goal, that resonates with our divine nature. Such a goal inevitably involves creating something for the greater good. Working on this goal gives us a reason to put our other wants and needs aside. At the same time that it stems from our divine nature and uses the energy of our divine nature, this vision also feeds our divine nature.

Consistently striving toward a humanitarian dream is the most important element for overcoming the materialistic tendencies that may keep us from embodying our greatest potential.

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