Ilchi Lee’s Picture of a Purpose-Driven Life

Ilchi Lee riding a bicycle in Sedona

Those who keep taking action for their growth will not only achieve their dreams but also discover joy and find their lives complete.

People sharing their everyday lives online has become an ordinary part of modern living. But I hadn’t gotten into it very much until recently, when I started uploading videos daily. I finally realized how much sharing something as simple as riding an electric bicycle around my neighborhood in Sedona could serve as a model for a purpose-driven life.

For instance, when I was riding, I attempted to go up one of the many steep hills in my area. Because I knew there was a chance I could fall, I prepared beforehand. I put on gloves and readied my mind. In the same way, I always make myself ready to fall whenever I challenge myself and take action. There’s no growing in leaps and bounds without getting hurt or success without obstacles. There are always going to be difficulties when we do something worthwhile. I accept that as being completely normal and expected, and I rise to the challenge with serenity. Newsletter signup banner

Then as I go through the challenge, I keep encouraging myself, telling myself to keep going and just take action. These are the messages I choose to give to my brain. Success doesn’t just come out of nowhere. It results from the choices we make. First we choose a particular goal and then we choose to keep moving toward it.

I always make myself ready to fall whenever I challenge myself and take action. There’s no growing in leaps and bounds without getting hurt or success without obstacles. Share on X

The more we keep moving and taking action, the more ideas will come to us. We’ll see the next action to take and then the next one if we keep our goal in sight. It takes courage to keep choosing, to keep taking action, and to keep overcoming obstacles. But there is joy in that choice. That’s why I always want to challenge myself with big goals and visions.

Use Water Up, Fire Down

Meeting challenges becomes easier when we have a Water Up, Fire Down energy state. In this state, we have a cool head and a fire in our belly; we’re ready to take decisive action. We can manage our stress and energy levels.

Making Water Up, Fire Down energy flow inside is the core principle and basic foundation of every training method I’ve developed. Brain Wave Vibration, Intestinal Exercise, Belly Button Healing, abdominal breathing, meridian exercise, and even the various qigong forms will give you Water Up, Fire Down. I also made this new vibration exercise you can do every day to maintain Water Up, Fire Down:

Turn Imagination into Reality

With Water Up, Fire Down, we can open the curtains of our own making and dare to imagine a limitless future. Then we can act. Imagination becomes reality through experience. And the current reality isn’t final; the future is made through dreams.

Imagination, experience, reality, dreams, and the future are all energy (LifeParticles) and the workings of the information in our brain. The energy of our thoughts becomes the energy of reality through our actions. We imagine what we want in concrete detail and then boldly press the action button to actualize it. The more energy and consistency we put into our actions, the more we cut through our doubts and judgments, the faster our dreams become real.

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Growth through Action

Whatever happens as we act is neither a success nor a failure but simply a process for creating the future. It’s part of our training and growth toward bigger challenges and better realities. Knowing this, we can keep taking action dispassionately and courageously.

Being dispassionate means staying calm no matter what situation comes up and being able to see it objectively. When we’re calm, like when we have Water Up, Fire Down, we can find something helpful in any situation. Our environment could change anytime, but that environment is no more than a stage that we must utilize. It’s not the environment that is the leading figure, but we ourselves who lead the action.

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