6 Key Perspectives for Moving through Obstacles to Achieve Your Goals

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To achieve a goal, you may experience frustration and failure several times. It’s normal for obstacles to appear in the process of moving forward. Though it seems hard and unlikely at first, it’ll all work out when the time is right if you keep going.

So don’t worry about it too much; there’s always hope.

A way will start to open up for you if you:

  1. Do what you can, one thing at a time, keeping at it.
    Instead of waiting for all elements of a master plan to fall into place, leaving you languishing in inaction and losing momentum and energy, do what you can now. Take whatever action possible. This will lead to another opportunity opening up or new insight into how to achieve your goal. Keep going until you reach the finish line, step by step.
  2. Do your best with humility and passion in every moment so that you have no regrets.
    Every moment is precious. And each moment is an opportunity to take another step toward your goal. Each step adds energy to produce a result. So give yourself to your goal in each moment while accepting the consequences, even as you keep moving forward. Rather than being attached to how your journey unfolds, allow it to happen while you keep your gaze focused on your destination.
  3. Keep your dreams big, and your actions slow and steady.
    Big dreams bring big energy and bring out the greatness that lies within all of us. But even when our dreams are big, we can only work toward them one step at a time. If we steadily take those steps, we can reach any dream.
  4. Say goodbye to everything superficial, all rote formalities.
    Unexamined routine numbs our minds and hearts and produces the same old results. Refresh your brain and your energy by moving your body and getting your blood and energy flowing. Then whenever you do something, make sure it’s in alignment with your goal instead of simply an item on an outdated to-do list.
  5. Guard against overthinking and limiting preconceptions.
    Staying too much in our head thinking about all the things that could go wrong or all the reasons why we haven’t been successful can block us from taking action or seeing the possibilities in front of us. Of course, we need to evaluate our actions effectively in order to stay on course to achieve our goals, but it’s best to do that with a clear, unbiased perspective.
  6. Practice a Hongik lifestyle—having compassion and consideration for all.
    All goals work best when they benefit others widely and when we work with a win-win attitude. Rather than slowing us down, having compassion and consideration speeds us toward our goal. It opens up the energy of our true essence, which is love and light itself, and grows and circulates it widely. That energy is the true power that makes dreams a reality. Acting in a Hongik way also makes connections to people that may help our cause in some way, if not directly, then by paying it forward.
Have hope. Take action. Keep going. And you will eventually reach your goal. Share on X

I’ve been working on my own dream this way for the past 40 years. Beginning in a park, I created the academic discipline of Brain Education, set up centers in Korea and around the world, connected with the United Nations to change education in poor areas, and now I’m making the Earth Farm and Earth Village in New Zealand. I’ve been able to get this far because the power to create is in everyone’s brain. It’s in having a humble, compassionate perspective and never giving up.

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Many people mistakenly believe that they can only do exceptional deeds if they receive some great revelation or great energy. Rather all they need is their choice and conviction, coming out of their insight and courage as they look upon the world without self-interest. This steadfast choice can eventually move mountains.

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  • I appreciate the gems of wisdom in this article. Thank you for articulating it so well in a short format. I will print this out and read it often as a reminder. 😀


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