How to Raise Your Spiritual Temperature by Making Goals for the New Year

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This past year has been historic, and many people are anxious for it to be over. But regardless of the year, the end of the year provides a good marker for reflection and reset. What can we learn from 2020, and how can we make 2021 different?

The tumultuous events of this year may have been out of our individual control, but they are a result of the sum of changes in our collective consciousness. That’s why I’ve spent the past year helping people to “get bright.” If each of us takes individual responsibility to improve our health, change our blues to cheer, and make our attitude and outlook more positive, then we have a chance to make the future of humanity and the earth brighter.

Raise Your Spiritual Temperature

Just as our immune systems create a fever to fight an infection, to combat the “virus” of darkness, we can get bright by raising our “spiritual temperature.” Our spiritual temperature gets hotter when the divine aspect of ourselves in our brains is awakened. When that happens, we’re able to see the oneness in all and recognize our inherent, limitless value. Our spiritual temperature also gets hotter when we fill ourselves with the brightest energy and practice radical gratitude, so that our souls—our true selves—strengthen and expand. And it happens when in this state, we share our brightness with kindness and compassion toward others (Hongik).

The tools for raising our spiritual temperature are having concrete goals that express our true selves and raising our body temperature through mind-body-energy exercises (such as Belly Button Healing, Brain Wave Vibration, Longevity Walking, and even push-ups). Our spirituality becomes activated when we have a goal. The happiest times in my life have been when I was working diligently with other people toward a greater goal.

Evaluate the Past

What is your goal for 2021 to raise your spiritual temperature? Before deciding that, it’s best to evaluate your temperature for the past year. What have your values been, and how have you acted on them? What meaning did 2020 have for you, and what were you able to accomplish?

Evaluate yourself honestly without judgment or blame. Everything that has happened so far was simply a part of your growth. Evaluation can be a means of healing yourself and raising your spiritual temperature, but if you berate and degrade yourself in the process, it can become a means for killing your spirit. Instead of only remembering the negative, you can remember positive or uplifting moments for which you can be grateful. This gives your brain hope and helps you release its potential.

Decide on the Future

In the process of evaluating the past year, you may come across your wishes for the next year. They can be things you’d like to improve upon or new opportunities or ideas that occur to you. Before you decide on your goals for 2021 though, I suggest checking in with your heart. Do your goals make your heart sing? Do they make you look forward to the future? Or are they simply to satisfy your fear of being “bad” or of lacking the resources to survive? We all need money and people to live, but if our goals stop there, then our actions lose meaning. Our goals can encompass both the survival of our bodies and the growth of our souls.

I always suggest keeping a journal. Once you decide on your goals, you can write them down in your journal. Making your goals very specific with numbers/amounts and time limits can help your brain latch onto them and start working on them concretely.

Once you have that, you can go into more detail about how you can achieve your goals. Include ways you can raise your body temperature every day. Raising your body temperature means the same as eliminating overthinking and scattered thoughts so you have the clarity and focus to achieve your goals.

Daily Evaluation and Planning

Just as you can evaluate and plan at the end of the year, you can make a habit of doing it every day. Daily progress leads to long-term completion. And living each day as you want your future to be helps that future come to pass.

At the end of each day, you can record in your journal:

  1. What degree of spiritual temperature did I live today?
  2. What was my goal achievement score and what did I do today?
  3. How well did I raise my body temperature today?
  4. What is my daily goal for tomorrow?

If you do this, little by little, you will get better at it, and you may see your spiritual temperature rising. You can change your life with daily and yearly evaluation and planning.

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