Meditation for Sensing Your Infinite Creative Power

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When you think of creating something, you may think of putting things together in novel ways or going after objects, people, and circumstances you want. You are concentrating on what already exists. My experiences and realizations have taught me that you have the most freedom and power to create something when you start from nothing.

This is because, I realized, life itself is nothing. The energy and force we call life is merely a cycle without beginning or end. All of the philosophies, theories, and romanticisms we make and fight over, and all of the visible phenomena and physical realities we suffer over are meaningless. They are constantly changing layers we add to the never-changing creative force.

Fully awakening to that nothingness and meaninglessness ourselves is the point where infinite creation begins. True Nothingness is not nothingness, but limitless potential.

When you awaken to the true Nothingness, all of the illusions you once thought were “you” disappear. Then life, self-existent and neverending, can touch your heart and the divinely creative aspect of your brain can be expressed.

Knowing this, you don’t need to worry over troubles and conflicts, which ultimately have no substance. There is no greater comfort and blessing than awakening to the truth that a life surrounded by illusion is nothing.

You may have heard of getting rid of your attachments and putting aside your ego—that they are momentary phenomena created by your true nature. That is, in fact, what we need to do in order to feel the great life force of the universe inside us and to use that force to create our lives.

Here is one meditation you can use to empty yourself of the thoughts and illusions that cage your life force’s creative power. It’s also helpful to do any kind of mindful movement, such as tapping, Brain Wave Vibration, abdominal breathing, qigong, yoga, and the like.

Erasing Meditation from Living Tao: Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment

  1. Write your name on a peace of paper and call it out. As you do this, examine what words and feelings come into your mind. Write them on the paper. Do you have any strong emotions about any of the things you wrote down? Do any of the words or descriptions associated with your name ring particularly true or false for you?
  2. Choose a tool to use in your mind’s eye as an eraser such as a pencil eraser or the eraser tool in a computer graphic program. You can also use fire.
  3. Begin the erasing process with your name. Close your eyes and imagine your name as it’s written on the paper. Call it out, and then erase it with your chosen tool in your mind.
  4. Continue this exercise with everything you wrote on the paper. Then erase any other thoughts or emotions that come to mind.
  5. Finally, erase your body one part at a time, finishing with your head.

How do you feel now? Even when all of these things are erased, something still remains—the nothingness that you originally are. You contain and reveal everything.

You can readily move into and use the state you find yourself in now if you cultivate it with practice.

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