Start Toward Your Dream by Knowing Your Reality

Young woman looking to the light
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Knowing my condition is only the beginning. Enlightenment is simply knowing one’s reality. Everything starts from there.

The root of the visible, material world is your inner consciousness—the world of the mind. Your minds attracts invisible energy. The strength of your focus and belief determines how strongly you pull energy to you to turn the invisible into the visible.

Rather than thinking about the past, look to the future. The past was good if it was good, and it wasn’t good if it wasn’t. It’s a memory, and worthwhile in its own way, but then there is growth and progress. The future is important.

It’s important to know your present state for the future. It’s important to decide the direction in which you want to go.

What decides your direction? Your own dream. Whatever state you are in now, look toward your dream with all of your conviction and focus. You’ll discover your next steps. When you move toward your dream, your real life is created.

That’s how you become the master and owner of your life. That’s what it means to be the master and owner of your brain.

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