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The state of our energy affects every aspect of our well-being. Because we have the capacity to feel the energy in our body, we can tell when it is flowing normally and healthfully and when it’s out of balance. We are also able to determine this by observing other symptoms we may have. This way of checking our energy state is especially useful if we have not developed our sense of feeling energy.

Take this quiz to see if you have Water Up, Fire Down energy flow, the energy flow needed to have a warm belly, open heart, and cool head—our body’s ideal energy state. Broken or reversed Water Up, Fire Down energy flow, leads to declining health in the three energy centers of the body’s energy system, causing various physical, emotional, and mental problems.

The following questions will help you check your energy balance. See how many you can answer yes to:

  1. Does your head feel heavy and cloudy, and do you have frequent headaches?
  2. Are your eyes often blurry and dry?
  3. Are your mouth and throat frequently dry?
  4. Are your shoulders stiff, and your face and neck often hot?
  5. Do you have a stifling feeling in your chest, and is your breathing uncomfortable?
  6. Is your belly often cold?
  7. Do you have frequent indigestion and bloating?
  8. Are your hands and feet cold or frequently numb?
  9. Are you always tired and have trouble recovering your energy, even with rest?
  10. Are your joints often painful and stiff?
  11. Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night?
  12. Do you get anxious or irritated easily?
  13. Once you start worrying, is it not easy to stop?
  14. Do you often feel resentful and angry?
  15. Do you feel depressed and lack self-esteem?

If you answered yes to 0 to 4 of these questions, your body’s energy is in a relatively well-circulated and balanced state. Based on your core’s vital energy, your motivation, and your positive mind, you seem to be building a healthy and vibrant life in your own way. But stay vigilant and continue to care for your health. Hopefully your energy will be further strengthened, making it as strong and resilient amid changing circumstances.

If you answered yes to 5 to 9 of these questions, then pay more attention to your energy state. These symptoms suggest that your energy is easily affected by changes in any event, environment, or information you experience. To stabilize your condition, focus on developing your energy flow, strengthening your core, and opening your chest.

If you answered yes to 10 or more, your energy circulation is considerably reduced, and you’re in a dangerous state of unbalanced energy. Since energy is very unstable in such a situation, you may experience intense fluctuations in your emotions and attitudes toward life. If your situation is even more severe, you may find yourself feeling helpless and desperate. Start by strengthening the energy of your core to prevent further imbalance.

This quiz as well as a detailed explanation of Water Up, Fire Down energy flow and ways to maintain it are found in my new book, Water Up Fire Down: An Energy Principle for Creating Calmness, Clarity, and a Lifetime of Health.

Take this quiz to see if you have Water Up, Fire Down energy flow, the energy flow needed to have a warm belly, open heart, and cool head—our body’s ideal energy state. Click To Tweet

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